Posted by: granny1947 | November 11, 2018

Granny and tomorrow is Monday.

Hello All.

Damn, I miss that beach.
And my dog.

Not an eventful Sunday.
So far.
Who knows what can happen.
Hopefully, nothing much.
The fact that tomorrow is Monday is about as much as I can handle.

I have decided that, when I win the lottery I shall travel.
Please note I said when and not if.
My first stop would be Souldipper in Canada.
Would love to meet that lovely lady.
We have connected even though we have never met.

Then there is Patrecia in Bulgaria.
I think we would hit it off.
However, she would probably send me back with half a dozen stray dogs.

And Barb in Aussie.
Though I have reservations.
They seem to have more poisonous critters than we have here.

There are a lot of others.
Would love to go around and meet all my blog buddies.


  1. Did you have to give that reminder about Monday while it isn’t yet?

    I want to enjoy what is left of the tiny relaxing part of my weekend.

  2. Granny, and Napier in Namibia is awaiting your companionship 😉

    • Of course you are in the top list. Would love to come and see you. Maybe soon.

  3. We are also having a bad Sunday..well actually a bad four days. The car has problems and will not start so I cannot get to the shops…the milk is low, the water is low, and the dog biscuits are nil….but maybe by tomorrow it will be sorted…seems its the glo plugs..I knew it was electrical but nobody listens to me…Neville says glo plugs is not electric but I reckon if they glow to start the engine,…then they is electrical. How lovely that you should want to visit little me here in Bulgaria…and yes you are right…export dogs…my dogs..all six…they drive me nuts! Even if you started off with a bad day I hope that the sun will shine and you will feel much happier…..Yes I also wish you were back at the beach and things were like they were ( but just a bit different)but that’s life..whether we like it or not change happens and we have to adjust. Take care Mrs, and you know you are more than welcome to come for a visit..lottery or not!!

    • Oh dear P…I do hope all your problems are sorted out soon. Maybe, one of these days, I will just blow my savings and travel.

  4. And if you’re going to Australia, you could hop over the ditch and visit us.

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