Posted by: granny1947 | March 11, 2018

Granny goes ho hum.

Hello All.

It would appear I have become a weekly blogger.
Oh dear.

What have I done this week?
It seems, not much.

I worked full day all week.
Visited the old man.
Attended a committee meeting.
They are SUCH fun.
Captured all the water readings for the complex.
Wrote the monthly newsletter.
Took Stepdad to his favourite place for lunch yesterday.
Took him home along a different route.
Hence the photos.

This is quite a stunning beach.
We took Jasmine there a couple of times.
She loved it.
Damn, I miss that dog.
I would only go there over a weekend,
When there are lots of people.
A bit too isolated for my liking, during the week.

Which brings me to something I read in the paper today.
A woman is murdered every FOUR hours in this country.
Mostly by her partner.
I have warned Mex not to even think of it.
I would not be easy to get rid of.
He is in more danger!!!

We will not even talk about rape.
I believe that happens every four MINUTES.
But, I can’t verify it.
Sufficient to say it is horrendous.
I weep for my beloved country.

And, on that charming note I will leave you.



  1. Not such a happy post this week..murder and rape!! But from what l read the country seems to be heading for civil war in that the blacks want to get rid of all the white people….is this true?

    • I don’t know P. It is mainly that idiot Malema shouting the odds. He has to say something. He does not have Zuma to bash anymore.

  2. Sounds like my week . . . except you actually got something accomplished!

    I did do the first draft of my taxes.
    So that’s something. 😀

    • I would take my time where taxes are concerned!

  3. It is sad much of what happens in the country. But I think it’s increasing in most places in the world, unfortunately. May it be possible to find a way out of the misery…

    • I agree Otto…we seem to have lost out moral compass.

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