Posted by: granny1947 | February 3, 2018

Granny and Saturday snippets.




Hello All.

No more local photos.
I have resorted to going back in time.
To MY beach.

I should not be writing this post right now.
I am supposed to be writing the monthly newsletter for the complex.
But, I have to tell everyone there is going to be an increase in the monthly levies.
Some people will consider it is the fault of Excom.
And not the economy.
We will take a lot of flak.
They will ignore the fact that we have worked so hard to save them money.
They will also ignore the fact that we are considerably lower than any other complex in town.
This is going to be a difficult month.
Keep cool Granny.

I also have to start doing the spreadsheet with all the water readings.
This always makes me angry.
When I see how some people are making NO effort to cut down on water.
We are in the midst of a dreadful drought.
Have they no conscience?
Mind you, they are the ones who are going to suffer should we run out of water.
We have got used to saving every drop.
They will suffer.

Now, where are the upsides?
There are always upsides.
I have no back problems today.
I caught up on some reading.
I had a lovely nap.


  1. You sound very busy indeed, but I hope you make some time for a bit of relaxation this weekend. 😘

  2. It’s always lovely to see your ‘old’ beach photos. 🙂 Good luck with the newsletter and spreadsheet – it’s such a shame when people don’t appreciate the unpaid hard work of others.

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