Granny and a quick post.

Hello All.

It has to be a quick post.
I am really bushed.
And I only worked until one.
But it was a really hectic day.

I was trying to do a month end.
Something I don’t normally do.
Had files all over my desk.
Looking at previous months to see what the co-pilot does.
Asked my boss to answer the phone so I could concentrate.
Twenty minutes later he yelled he was going out.
Then the front door bell went.
And the phone rang.
I waited for the quality manager to answer the door.
His office is the closest.
It didn’t happen.
Answered the door and the phone.
Then discovered the QM had gone out with the boss.
I was on my own.
When the boss got back I told him he owed me.
Five minutes later he shouted he was going out again.
Ten minutes later he came back with donuts.
I had to forgive him!

Got home and one of the residents came to complain.
One of the other residents is leaving cigarette butts in his front garden.
Understandably, he is annoyed.
He does not even smoke!
Will sort that out tomorrow.
Then another tenant came to say the grass service had not finished cutting their grass.
Had to sort that out with the grass service.
It never bloody stops in this place.

AND, it has turned into a long and boring post.


12 responses to “Granny and a quick post.”

  1. Have to let you know I resigned from the Security Committee today. Let the manager find another sucker to do the job. Some people cannot handle that a female is chairperson. The saying: Be the change you want to see, does not work around this Village. Hope you’ve recovered from the hectic day.

  2. CH has been on the HOA (Homeowner’s Association) several places where we have lived. I see it in his future again. He already is on the HOA where his Mom now lives. Can you say “huge headache”? Nothing boring here! Thanks for the visit!

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