Posted by: granny1947 | January 31, 2018

Granny and the complex.

Hello All.

Before I start on the complex let us get to the above bird.
He suddenly appeared in our garden.
Have never seen one before.
Can’t find it in the bird book.
He seems to have taken a liking to our garden.
Which is not a clever decision.
The cats next door are sure to find him/her if it is still there tomorrow.
Anyone have any ideas?
It has a very fancy headdress.

So, where to start in the complex.
We have over a hundred houses here.
And it is still growing.
When it is fully developed there will be about a hundred and seventy!
I have to get off the committee before then.
Of the 107 residents, 102 are lovely people.
But, those five others can make your life hell.

Character number one.
She refused to send in her water readings.
Said she was not a qualified meter reader.
I had no idea there was a course available to teach you how to note the numbers on your meter.
Most people just send in a photo of their reading.
Which I love.
Unless they send it upside down.
And I get a stiff neck trying to read the damn thing.

She complained, bitterly, because she can’t make it to our AGM.
We should change the time to suit her.
To hell with all the other residents.
Some people should not be allowed to vote.

Now, I got interrupted by a lovely phone call from my son.
Time to shower and hit the sack.
Month end tomorrow and wages.

Have a super evening.




  1. I sympathise with you. No, I don’t know what type of bird that is, either.

    • I am hopeless with birds…only know the doves and Mossies.

  2. Somebody on fb did say what sort of bird it was but l cant remember its name

    • The concensus seems to be a Quail.

  3. Oh but Granny, somebody has to be on the committee and if you go off, that woman may decide to take your place and who knows what mayhem she could cause.

    • That mental image is going to keep me awake tonight!

  4. There are always a few disagreeable people in the mix. Not much you can do about it unfortunately.

    • I know but the nice ones make up for the bad.

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