Posted by: granny1947 | January 30, 2018

Granny is feeling her age.

Hello All.

Why am I feeling my age?
My co-pilot has been in hospital for more than a week.
I am working a full day instead of four hours.
I am not used to it.
I get up at five.
I leave for work at ten past six.
I work through to 3:30.
Visit Dad.
Get home at about five.

Why don’t our bodies age at the same rate as our minds?
I don’t feel 70 in my mind.
My body yells otherwise.

My friend and co-worker had a collapsed lung the other day.
She passed out in her car in the shopping mall.
Woke up in ICU.
They are now trying to get her lungs stronger.
Trying to get her off the oxygen.
I feel for her.
Says she, lighting another cigarette!

And then, there is this damned complex.
I cannot get over how much work there is when you are on the committee.
And the abuse you have to put up with.
Even when you are doing it for nothing!

Think my next blog will be about some of the characters(a…holes) in this complex.
Now I am off to cook supper.
Good luck Mex….zero inclination coming from this old girl.


  1. That is a lot to cope with..especially at your age.?Just wait till you get to my age…but having said that l would not like to be working at you have my sympathy I went for brain scan this morning..its still there under the hood..doc says that its a good brain..a little worn out and giving the odd problem..but it should last a bit longer. Havent heard about your neighbours for fact not since ypur ceiling had to be replaces..or was it the floor. Hows the water situation?

    • Hi Patrecia…water situation is dire though we had a few showers today. Hope some fell near our dams. So glad your brain is up to scratch. Why did you have to go for a scan?

  2. What a lot of orries for you and extra work too. I often ask myself where all those years went particularly when my kids have a birthday – both now well into their 50s.

    • I know Judith…don’t mind the kids turning 50. It is the grandkids turning 26!!!

  3. Ahhh, ja, age is but a number you know. I understand the feeling about the difference between the body and the mind. I recently had bad lower back pain which irritated me. I’m really glad I don’t have to work anymore although it’s not fun trying to live on a teacher’s pension. Don’t tell me about life in a complex. I lived in one for 30 years serving as a trustee and chairman! Remember, you cannot please all of the people all of the time! Mind you, living in the retirement village is not much different. These bl..dy old people do nothing but moan, groan and criticise and make no effort to serve on a committee or lift their gnarled fingers. C’est la vie. Keep well!

    • Ah Pussycat…someone who understands!

  4. Just reading about what you do in one day makes me tired. Age is only a number though. I am seventy three and in my mind I don’t think I am. I am retired and go to exercise classes four times a week and also work on my two books. I also have a lot of on line promotion that needs to be done. Writing can just be as tiring as your job but I don’t have to punch a time clock or get up early in the morning.

    • I know it is just a number. Not sure my body is convinced!

  5. good grief, Granny.

    You are still working at 70! No wonder you feel tired. {{{virtual hugs}}}

    • Thanks Piglet…hugs are always good!

  6. I’m finally stopping by after being away for so long! Wow, I thought my days were rough…I’m ready for a nap just reading about yours! Yeah you took on a lot with the additional weight of the complex committee, but I’m looking forward to reading about those characters you have to deal with. 😉

    • Hi RD…Watch this space.
      I will be replying to your email soon.

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