Granny and the birthday.

Hello All.

So, the fourth of January was elder daughter’s big 50th birthday.
I see I did not take one photo.
I will tell you why.
You will have to make do with a picture of younger daughter’s garden.

The plan was we would all meet at younger son’s place for a birthday lunch.
Older son went to Napier to pick up K and then to Bredasdorp to buy food for the said lunch.
I set off to Swellendam to fetch Michelle and her little son.
Duly fetched them and headed for younger son’s place.

The temperature there was in the forties!!!!!!
I do not do 40 degrees.
I do not do 35 degrees.
Hell, I do not like 30 degrees.
I melted.
No energy whatsoever.
Copious amounts of perspiration.
No interest in anything.

When everyone had gone on their way, I was still prostrate on the couch.
Younger son, now called B. does not have electricity.
They have a gas stove and fridge.
They have a generator when they want to use the washing machine.
So….no fans.
At a quarter to seven that evening it was still 28 degrees.
Pure madness.

I was sleeping on a couch in the lounge.
Let me rephrase.
I was lying on a couch sweating.
They live up against a mountain.
Lots of trees etc.
Also, baboons and snakes.
So….they close up everything at night.

I got up at midnight and sat, in the dark, on the deck.
I got up at two and did the same.
I got up at four and sat listening to roosters in the village.
At four thirty I thought “to hell with baboons and snakes”.
Opened the sliding door and went back to bed.
Where I had about two hours of sleep.

With no sleep the trip back was a bit of a nightmare.
Seven hours of hell.
Told B he is quite safe.
Will never come to live with him in the summer.



7 responses to “Granny and the birthday.”

  1. Well that is one person who will never get ‘mother overload’ it’s a very funny tale and although you suffered badly I could not help but see the funny side of it…sorry my dear!

    Did I miss the episode where the wheels came off???

  2. good morning Granny, that was a heated episode. My Gammy, many many years ago, when she was alive, had a hand held fan that went everywhere with her, maybe you could get one of those, and loads of batteries 😉

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