Posted by: granny1947 | January 28, 2018

Granny and the miracle

Hello All.

I had to post again today.
Patrecia, from Bulgaria, said she would eat her hat if I did.
We want photos please Patrecia!

The little man in the above pic is Jericho.
He belongs to my younger daughter.
He went missing in October last year.
K. hunted everywhere for him.
Then, a neighbor admitted he had taken the cat and dumped him in the middle of nowhere.
Said he thought the cat was a well fed stray and it was irritating him.
Yesterday, my grandson was jogging in a town 15kms from them and he found him.
K. is over the moon.

Now, where did I get to yesterday?
Oh yes, I was spending two nights with K.
Four of K’s dogs are part Husky.
They have taught the other three dogs a few things.
K and my granddaughter went to the shop the next morning.
All SEVEN dogs immediately put their snouts in the air and howled.
And howled and howled.
Thank heavens they do not have close neighbours.
I tried telling the dogs I was still there.
Apparently, I don’t count.

Wherever my daughter is you WILL find dogs.
If you do manage to find a spot to sit down, a dog will drape itself on the couch behind you.
And grumble gently when you move too much.
I mentioned it to K.
She said “you are sitting in his spot Mom”

Day three I went to spend the night with elder son and grandson on the farm near Caledon.
A complete contrast.
Very quiet and no animals.
Son does not believe in pets.

On day four all the wheels fell off.

More of that tomorrow.



  1. Miracles are made for a reason, so pleased for Jericho. The a’hole neighbour, just like our country! Cannot wait for tomorrows post. xxx

    • Hi Monica…who knows….maybe Tom will still turn up one day.
      Still missing Jasmine so much.
      Really loved that pooch.

  2. Well l’ll be jiggered…l did say that..and now l shall need to buy a hat so that l can eat it…well done my little buddy in SA…. I think that your daughter and l would get on so wondetful to have such gorgeous creatures ans live in a place where they can howl and not disturb anyone. I have one dog that howls and whines when we go out but not a husky…just a Bulgarian street dog. But could be mum or dad was a wolf… Fancy sitting in dogs place on sofa..that is sacriledge ,and l am surprised that you did not get woofed off… You seem to be having a big adventure and enjoying it…but now l wonder did 4 wheels fall off of your car…waiting with baited breath for next exciting episode

    • Not my car, thank heavens. Just my little trip.And, you will have to wait!

  3. Oh and that wad great that puss was found..what a nasty man to dump someones pet miles from anywhere…..let me at him..l will give him what for

    • I try to tell myself it takes all sorts of people but I just cannot relate to someone doing something so cruel.
      I still cannot get over my Grandson finding him so far from home.

  4. Thanks for sharing that miraculous reunion with us! Glad that Jericho found his way back home . . . with a little help from your grandson.

    • And he was so pleased to be home. Went straight to his special basket.

  5. Interesting name for a cat – does he make as much noise as Joshua and his men?

    • Hehehe…not sure about that but my grandson is Joshua!!!

      • My little grandson shares the name – I often sing the gospel song to him: “Joshua fought the battle of Jericho…”

      • Joshua’s brother is called Gabriel!

      • This is really uncanny: my grandson Joshua’s older sister is named Gabriella – did you perhaps remember that?

      • No Frannie….maybe we should compare all our grandchildren’s names!

      • Only two more to go: Frans and Isabella?

      • Nope…I have Pam, kayl, Charl, christoffel and Haidee-Leigh. And, of course, Gabriel and Joshua.

      • You are wonderfully rich!

      • I know Frannie…rally blessed.

  6. Welc ome back; we’ve missed you. What a great adventure Granny is having. But where’s your man? Left at home with your dog as company, no doubt.

    • Oh Judith. How I wish there was a dog. Nope, he did not fancy being on the road at that time of the year.

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