Posted by: granny1947 | January 27, 2018

Granny goes on a short trip.

Hello All.
Remember me?
I had to go back to my last post to see when last I blogged.
Cannot believe it was in June last year!

I talked about the terrible fires.
Now we are all obsessed with water.
Cape Town is on the brink of having NO water.
We are in the same boat.
Both cities are due to dry up by April.
My blogs should be interesting in May!!!

So, I went on a little trip.
It was my elder daughter’s birthday on the fourth of January.
I set off on the 1st.Popped into Swellendam and saw elder daughter and her family for a little while and then headed to younger daughter in Napier.
Napier in south Africa.
Not New Zealand.
In case you were wondering.
I was on the road for about eight and a half hours.
I must be crazy.

I spent two nights with younger daughter.
Interesting nights.
They have SEVEN dogs and five cats.
The seven dogs gave me a great welcome.
The five cats looked me up and down.

I woke up the first night and tried to pull the duvet up.
Couldn’t budge it.
Sat up and discovered I had FOUR dogs in bed with me.
Big dogs.
And my granddaughter.

And now I think I will stop.
Tomorrow I will tell you a bit more about my trip.
Do not want to bore you to tears.

I have missed you all.



  1. Great to have you back granny.

    • Thanks Cynth…it feels good.

  2. hi love, you would have loved Napier in NZ 😉 Your first post back, and you had me in stitches again, love you. xxx

    • Hi My Friend…love you too.

  3. Actually l think you did another blog since June of last year but l could be wrong.Maybe confusing it with the letter you sent. Heard that SA will have no water..does that apply to Joburg as l have a very elderly frail cousin living there…or might be PE…cannot ever remember. Your country is in a bit of a pickle…but is it a small bit better since that horrid man hot chucked out..he really was a B…was Zuma If you ever write a second instalement within a month l will eat my hat… I cannot complain tho..l tjink l have stopped blogging..l used to write about things when they happened but now its long since forgotten Good to know that you are still with us onnthis mortal coil and l am happy that you enjoyed your visits to daughters. Lots of love from cold snowy Bulgaria

    • Hehehe Patrecia…get that hat out…I feel the urge to write again!!! Johannesburg has plenty of water..think your cousin is here in PE.

  4. Good to hear from you. I hope you have a good visit with your family.

    • Hi was great until the last day!

  5. It doesn’t feel like June since we exchanged Christmas greetings . . . and menus! Nevertheless ~> WELCOME BACK!

  6. It doesn’t feel like June (since we exchanged Christmas greetings . . . and menus in the interim)!

    Nevertheless ~> WELCOME BACK!

    • Thanks so much Nancy.

  7. Het al gewonder waar’s jy en hoe dit met jou gaan!

    • Life has just got in the way…now I need to manage my time better.

  8. Welcome back!

    • Thank you so much…hope it is going to last!

  9. Not nearly as much as we missed you Granny!!

    • Awwww…thank you so much Carol.

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