Posted by: granny1947 | June 11, 2017

Granny goes Atishoo

Hello All.

I never get colds.
Ok, that is no longer strictly true.
For the last few days I have had head cold from hell.
Very hard to be upbeat and to blog when disgusting stuff is blocking your brain waves.
Mex was not very sympathetic.
Kept saying it is only a cold.
Today he thinks he is getting it.
Of course, being a man, it will be flu!

It has been an eventful week.
Starting with a massive storm in Cape Town.
They also got rain.
All they sent us was the wind.
Selfish buggers.

Then the fires started.
Fanned by the hectic gales.
Have shot up several hundred kilometres.
At frightening speed.
Whole towns have had to be evacuated.
Hundreds of homes razed to the ground.
Lots of people have died.
All so very tragic.

The fire is now close to Port Elizabeth.
Where I now live.
A big private school burned to the ground yesterday.
Hopefully, the wind has died down and they will be able to contain it.

Then there are the leaked e-mails.
Implicating our president and his family.
And a great number of his cabinet.
State capture by the slimy Gupta family appears to have been proved.
Politics promise to be very interesting in the weeks ahead.



  1. Hope you’re soon feeling better. We’re supposedly on holiday in Umhlanga ,but most of the time has been taken up with doctor visits, chest X-ray and CT scan, and on Tuesday I have to have a bronchoscopy. Not my idea of the perfect holiday. 😳 as long as they get to the bottom of my cough, I’ll be happy. xx

    • So sorry you are going through all that. You don’t have an allergy?

  2. are you going to be safe? l have a cousin in PE l hope she will be safe too. Nasty horrible news..needs a good rain storm to stop the fire. l shall pray for your safety. Sorry you are not feeling well. maybe its all the problems and worry and stress of the recent past..

    • Hi Patrecia…We are fine. I think the fires are under control…no wind today…Thank God…I am feeling MUCH better…just in time for work tomorrow…must really time my sickness better!

  3. Glad to hear that you are on the mend . . . and that the fires are coming under control. The weather forecasters here have stopped talking about the wild fires and are now focused on the Rain, Rain, Rain.

  4. Glad you are getting over your cold. Hope you stay save and the fire doesn’t get any closer. Good luck.

  5. Glad you are feeling better but your news of the fires is disturbing. I hope you are far away from them. Keep safe and enjoy your working week (haha)

  6. Hope you are all safe!

  7. I hope your cold has cleared up, and Mex’s ‘flu’. I also hope you are safe from the fires. What a worry.

  8. Good to know you were getting over the cold. Fires are always scaring, aren’t they. So good, also, to know that they came under control again. Hopefully things are all well by now.

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