Posted by: granny1947 | May 31, 2017

Granny and now the “fun” begins.

Hello All.

Yes, and now for the nasty stuff.
I am going over to Dad just now to start clearing out Mom’s cupboards.
Tomorrow is the funeral.
It is going to be very small.
The minister is coming over to Dad at three o’clock.
Apparently, he wants me there too.
I have no idea why!

The undertaker(lovely man) says he will give me the death certificate tomorrow.
Then, on Friday, it will be off to the police station to have a whole heap of certified copies made.
Also, copies of both parents identity documents.
Then I need to get Dad to the executors.
And I need to go to the bank to freeze her account.
Etc, etc, etc.
I will try to do as much as I can but, unfortunately, he will have to come with me for some of the stuff.
I just hope he is going to be able to handle it all.
The poor darling is shattered.
His partner of 61 years has gone.
I have a horrible feeling he will follow her in the not too distant future.
I will have to mother him for the next few months.
A good thing I have loads of experience at mothering.
Or, maybe, I am just bossy.

Before I go.
I discovered, yesterday, I can bend and move quite fast.
Even at my advanced age.
Came out of the shop and spotted a R20-00 note on the ground.
In two twos I had it in my hot little hand.
There is always an upside.



  1. It’s a heartbreaking time. So sorry. Life has to go on in spite of the pain. 61 years is a long time xx

    • 61 years is MORE than a lifetime….a lot of people don’t live that long!

  2. Shame, good luck with all the running around xx

    Good for you on picking that up, lots of luck coming your way 😉

    • Good….you think that is just the beginning???

  3. This is at a time when one is NOT in a good state for handling bureaucracy and officialdom.
    Keep your eyes roving, though. The next windfall might be a Lotto ticket worth multi-millions.

    • Now wouldn’t THAT be nice.

  4. Hang in there. You will have the strength to carry through. It is always when things settle down that can be difficult. Maybe you are also on a winning streak.

  5. Sending positive vibes your way from Niagara, Granny.
    Be well and stay strong.

    • Thanks Hook…apart from a cold trying to take over, I am fine.

  6. The undertaker (a lovely man)….not often one hears that! lucky you to find a 2fer…take care with the running around….at your advanced age *runs away before she gets a clout* ….xxxx love you to bits xxx

    • Remember…I know where you live!!!

  7. You are a rock . . . and you rock!
    Here’s to having a few more $’s land in your fist.

    Death is a messy business. Good luck with the tidying up process.

    • Thanks NR….cannot believe one person can accumulate so much rubbish. It has been an eye opener…I am decluttering like crazy.

  8. So sorry to hear of her passing. I know your dad misses her so much. Such a difficult time. Hugs to you both.

  9. Coming out of hibernation for a brief moment. My mother died last year – 51 years of marriage… I am caring for my father now. I am so very sorry for your loss. I understand. Hugs from across the world, my dear

    • Am so sorry. I missed your comment. Thank you so much. Hope you are coping.

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