Posted by: granny1947 | May 24, 2017

Granny on a roller coaster

Hello All.

Yes, it has been a wild ride this week.
Took Dad to see Mom on Saturday.
We were horrified.
Her colour and her breathing were bad.
She was sitting slumped in a chair.
Her only words to me were ” I want to get into bed”
I got a nurse to help me and she promptly fell asleep.

Dad and I spoke on the way home.
We decided it was time to make arrangements.
I feel so sorry for him.
It must be SO hard when you have been married for over sixty years and see your partner like this.

So, I went onto the internet and started phoning undertakers.
Well, someone has to do it.
First I phoned Doves.
One of the biggest undertakers in the business.
And, it IS a business to them.
The number was constantly engaged.
Eventually went onto their website and left a message to call me back.
Which they did.
From a call centre!!!
The woman told me they were closed and said I should phone the next day.
I scratched them off the list.

When I phoned the second one I got a message to say the number did not exist.
Scratched that one too.

The third one I phoned did not give me a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Today, I got one (recommended by my boss’s wife.
A world of difference.
Have nominated them.

After all that, we went to see her again yesterday.
She looked great.
Good colour.
Good breathing.
Still no talking.
However, I told her a joke.
Quietly, so the religious lady in the next bed wouldn’t hear.
And she laughed.
Kept staring at me and smiling.
Which is really disconcerting.
Kept wanting to look behind me!

So, after this rather macabre post I shall leave you.



  1. been there and got that T-Shirt, Granny… only mine was care homes after my Mum’s prolonged stay in hospital. I think I am going to make my own funeral arrangements

    • Not a bad idea Piglet…save a lot of trauma.

  2. it might seem strange to some people to make these arrangements but it is vital and necessary..well done. l think old people can be like children really poorly one minute and full of beans the next lt does not make for an easy life. My love and support l send to you xxx

    • Thank you so much Patrecia…the waiting is the worse.

  3. The first two undertakers were a dead loss! Or was it just a grave mistake?
    I imagine the joke told was NOT about the lack of response from planting companies.

    • No. The joke was about the dwarf on the bus. Billy Connelly.

  4. It is hard to see a parent go downhill. I would be even harder to see your spouse fade gradually before your eyes and know there isn’t anything you can do about it. My oldest brother went through that for years when my sister in law was going through problems. She passed away this year and they had been married for 62 and half years. He is doing well considering. His wife would never allow him to have pets so now he wants a kitten and a puppy.

    • I feel desperately sorry for my Stepdad…absolute horror for him.

  5. Morning Love, sorry I have missed your previous posts, re your mom. I was in Rustenburg helping my mother with her move, this is so difficult, so I understand you completely! Thinking of you. xxx

    • Thank you my love…love you lots.

  6. My mom is the same way…changes from one minute to the next…going on 10 years now. Her beau of 20 years finally gave up visiting because of a broken heart. I have a hard time too, I do very entertaining monologues recounting her life, but eventually I end up bawling which is no good for anyone…Although she cries too when she sees me do it, which I think may be a cathartic release for her. I think laughter is better, but she doesn’t ‘get’ jokes anymore, but she laughs when I do. It’s such a fine line.

    Luckily she made her own cremation & burial plans, prepaid 20 years ago, & the place is still in business. Here, she pays $5000 for care home, we had to sell her home to pay for that. I pray she dies before she had to go to a govt. facility. Plus who knows if Trump is going to do away with Medicare as well.

    I wish you, she & her husband all the best…

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