Posted by: granny1947 | May 18, 2017

Granny is frazzled.

Hello All.

One of my favourite photos on MY beach.
Really miss that place.

So, on Monday I left for work at ten past six.
In the morning.
Yes, some people do that.
Actually, judging by all the cars on the highway, lots of us do it.

There was call on my phone.
But I don’t answer calls when I am driving.
Especially when I haven’t had my coffee.
Got to work and saw it was from the old age home.
And, I thought “oh shit”
Phoned them right away.
They said my Mom needed to go into hospital.
Said they would arrange for an ambulance.
But, a family member needed to be there.

Called the old man and he insisted he wanted to come with.
And, I thought “oh shit” again.
Now I had TWO old people to see to.
Drove all the way back to fetch him and then set off for the 40km drive.

To cut a long story short.
Well, shorter.
She is ok.
She came out today.

The old man went with her in the ambulance and I met them at the hospital.
What a super hospital.
Everything new and sparkling.
The staff were lovely.
The food was good.
Am trying to figure out how I can go and spend a few days there.
On medical aid, of course.

Since moving here I have seen a lot of hospitals.
And, ALL of them have passages that go on forever.
You walk for ruddy miles.
I think they are designed that way.
They hope that some of the visitors will collapse and they will get a few more patients.

Anyway, I went again on Tuesday and again yesterday.
Hence the frazzled bit.
Last night I arranged for an ambulance and told my brother to go over and see her back to the home.
Which he did and I have had a break today.
I will take the old man again on Saturday.

Before I end.
There are amusing bits to dementia.
If you look hard enough.
She informed me that someone phoned her.
She has been left an estate in Scotland.
Doesn’t think she will take it.
She can’t ski!!!


  1. Not at all surprised..l would be too

    • Hi P. Feel a lot better now. Two day break has helped.

  2. So sorry. You need a break, I suggest skiing in Scotland

    • Sorry, I don’t ski either!!!

  3. Such a difficult time, when the roles are reversed and the child becomes the guardian. Wishing you resilience and lots of your own sly humour – that should carry you through!

    • Thanks Frannie..would not survive without the humour.

  4. Maybe the next legacy will be a cottage in West Yorkshire, declined because she sold her surfboard?
    Glad you finally did a bit of delegating. You need a holiday back at the sea. Talking of which, how about the hardship of having a chunk of that handy, but not enough time to go there? Mutter, mutter.

    • That would drive me crazy. You have to MAKE the time!

  5. You need to meditate on that photo! Keep breathing.

  6. I guess I had better learn how to meditate then!

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