Posted by: granny1947 | May 14, 2017

Granny and Mothers day

Hello All.

So, today was Mothers Day and history was made.
ALL my kids contacted me.
Even my stepson’s wife sent me a message.
Lovely girl.

I need to elaborate.
Younger daughter phoned first.
Said “this is a short call…happy mothers day…now I am going back to get under the duvet”
She lives in a cold place.
I can relate.

Then elder daughter sent me a nice message.

Then big surprise.
Elder son sent me a message.
He does not believe in mothers day.
Neither do I.
Commercial crap.
His message said Hippy mothers day.
And a picture of an Indian/Muslim saying “I could make fun of your mother but cows are sacred”
A good thing he and I share the same warped sense of humour.
I loved it.

Then the granddaughter I adopted phoned.
And, finally, her father phoned me.
Have I forgotten anyone?
Damn I have a lot of offspring.

All in all, not a bad day.


  1. Loved the sacred cow joke. I might have to remember it for the next time I’m involved in a taunting match. 😀

    Happy Mom’s Day!

    • It appealed to my sense of humour too!

  2. How lovely.

    • It was. Even though I profess not to like Mothers day it IS nice to hear from ALL the kids,

  3. Well done Granny and happy for this news… AoK

  4. I love your take on family, Granny; and I loved this post.

    • Thanks so much Tilly…great to see you again.

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