Posted by: granny1947 | May 13, 2017

Granny’s road trip…and then it was over.

Hello All.

Yes, and then it was over.
Having said that, I wasn’t too sad.
I LOVED seeing all my family.
And being surrounded by love.
Such a nice fuzzy, warm feeling.
But, when all is said and done it is so good to have your own stuff around you.
And, my computer.
And, my own bed.
And, my own toilet.

The trip back was not so nice.
It was a public holiday.
Only an idiot travels on a public holiday.
Especially at the start of a long weekend.
Colour me stupid.

I spent most of the trip in the yellow lines, letting people overtake me.
And muttering when they didn’t flash their lights to thank me.

Oh yes, the photos are at Storms River.
My last stop on the trip.
I didn’t want to stop, but, once again, bladder won the day.
It took me seven hours again.
I have definitely slowed down and am more cautious.
Sign of age?
Or common sense.

Someone posted a comment on one of my “memory” posts.
So I went back and read it.
Anyone remember them?
I think I need to carry on with those posts.
In case I forget.
I left those posts on a bit of a cliff hanger.
Because I just felt I couldn’t talk about what went down.
I think I now can.

But first I shall regale you with a couple of stories about the old age home where we have my Mom.
I always try to find the humour in every situation.
You have been warned.
It might be slightly black humour.




  1. We are just starting to plan a road trip which will entail 50+ hours of driving round trip . . . and I am already looking forward to returning home!

    “There is no place like home!”

    • How many hours do you plan to travel every day? Take it from me…seven hours is too much.

  2. ‘And, my own toilet.’ that’s the best bit of returning home. I always suffer with nervous constipation when I travel.

    • I hear you Piglet. The last night I was at the plot the water as off. They were working on the pipes. No way could I go to the toilet.

  3. Good to be back here, Granny.
    I’ve missed you.

    • Thanks Hook…it is great to be back.

  4. Glad to have you back and keep writing… Once the work is done we can see it forever and a day… Unlike scrabble, some epic battles and no history to reflect on… AoK

    • Hi Anthony…good to see you here. You can always take a screen shot of the times you have thumped me.

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