Posted by: granny1947 | May 9, 2017

Granny’s road trip…day five

Hello All.

Day five was a peaceful one.
Elder son, younger daughter, DIL, and grandson all came to younger son’s plot.
They stayed for a couple of hours and it was super to see them one more time.
I was so touched that they made the effort as it was a long way to come for coffee.

I might have stayed another day but Bart got a call from his foreman.
Lightening hit an Oak tree about four metres from where he was standing.
To say he was shocked is an understatement.
So they had to cut their break short and head back to Cape Town the next day.

Friends, from the plot next door, came for supper.
And the Cape Town storm hit us.
With a vengeance.
It bucketed down.
And I had visions of being stuck on the plot for a week.

DIL working in her garden.
Good thing they do not read my blog.
Not sure she would be happy with a pic of her butt.
They cannot wait to retire to the plot.
And I don’t blame them.




  1. All this almost makes me want to go on a road trip. Almost. 😀

  2. Seems bad weather is all over.Bulgaria is usually sunny and warm but now its cold and wer

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