Posted by: granny1947 | May 5, 2017

Granny’s road trip…day four.

Hello All.

Day four started with us packing up.
Then elder son and I drove through to Napier (not the one in New Zealand) where Karen and Teresa had a scrumptious breakfast waiting for us.
And, yes, my jeans ARE feeling a little snug.

Then we set off for the farm where elder son and HIS son now live.
But first he filled my car with gas (such a darling)
The two of them live in a little cottage on a huge wheat farm.
Where they run a sawmill for the farmer.
And grow stuff.
And are as happy as sand boys.
The farm is totally different to the plot where younger son lives.
However, I found it beautiful as well.

In a different sort of way.

It was incredibly peaceful
The stars, at night, were awesome.
Son said that if I ever needed to, I could stay with the two of them.
He would build on another room for me.
It is nice to know I have options should the need ever occur.
I love the sea but I also love farm life.
What can I say?
I am easy to please.

I was reading a book when I looked out the window and saw this chap.

A Secretary bird.
I had no idea they were so big.
They catch snakes so I am a big fan.

The farmers wife came down to meet me.
And the next morning she dropped off a cooler bag with two huge piece of lamb.
Sorry to any vegetarians.



  1. Oh you have to take advantage of free lamb. I dont eat them anymore but l bet it will taste scrumptious.Your holiday sounds great fun…next episode please.

    • The first one was delicious. I fed my Dad,my brother and Barry and we ate for three more days…wonderful.

  2. Apology accepted. 😀

  3. We saw a couple of those feathered scribes on our recent game trip, but not close enough to get a picture. They are huge, aren’t they?
    Your family certainly have some impressive chunks of assorted countryside.

    • I had no idea what I was looking at…was just impressed at the size.

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