Posted by: granny1947 | May 3, 2017

Granny’s road trip….day three

Hello All.

Day three continued to be great and “interesting”

We all went down to the fishing village for breakfast.
Not a fancy place but you sit outside and the above is the view.
Must confess I did not look at the view much.
Just soaked up the feeling of being surrounded by so many people I love.

Then we went back to the house and I made everyone pose for photos.
Even the boys co-operated.
Just for me.

This one is my kids and their partners.
Left top and bottom is Karen and Teresa.
Karen is the one I had not seen for seven LONG years.
My younger daughter.

Next to her is Michelle, elder daughter, and her husband next to her.

In front of them is my younger son with his wife on his lap.
Bart and Sharon.
Have been together for close on ten years and still act like they are on their honeymoon!

Right back and front is my elder son, Karl, and Sylvia.
Sadly, they recently divorced after 27 years but still in close contact.

Later in the day Karl, Karen, the dogs and I went for a walk to the beach.
There was a steep hill going down to the beach.
Halfway down I decided I could make it TO the beach but would probably have to live down there.
We turned to go back and the two overgrown pups came racing up behind me and knocked my legs from under me.

Apparently, I come down very gracefully.
The same can NOT be said about the way I got back up.
Karen laughed so hard she wet her pants.
I think it was nerves.
I HOPE it was nerves.
If not….what a little cow.

Before the tumble I took this.

Such a pretty place.




  1. Such beautiful pictures my friend ❤ XOXO – Bacon

    • Thanks so much Piglove…big hug to youxxx

  2. Brouwer genes run strong in Carl and Bart…reminds me so much of Arno

    • Yep…thank God not in all ways.

  3. oh I am sorry you had a tumble but no broken bones so all ok. It  must have been hilarious to watch and even more hilarious when Karen wee'd her knickers  

    Sent: Wednesday, May 03, 2017 at 4:02 PM

  4. Glad that your kids and their SO’s cooperated with you. Sorry the dogs knocked you off your feet. Good thing you were relaxed and happy at the time so that you didn’t sustain serious injury.

    Karen peeing in her pants = a karmic payoff for her laughing at you. 😀

    • Karma got me back. I wet MY pants yesterday, but that is a story for a blog!

  5. That closing pic is magnificent, Granny!

  6. Love the last photo. It would make a good painting.

    • Thank you…I loved it too.

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