Granny’s road trip…day one

Hello All.

So, I went to work for a couple of hours and then hit the road.
I left at nine on a lovely day.
However, I did not take into account that I had had three cups of coffee.
After only 170kms I had to stop at Storms River bridge.
Where I discovered they now have a Steers so I treated myself to a burger and chips for breakfast.
Had two bites of the burger and had mustard all over the place.
So I gave up on the burger and ate the chips while driving.
Only to get thirsty.
And I couldn’t open the damn juice bottle.
Are they child proof?
Have I gone into my second childhood?

I contemplated stopping in Knysna, which is a pretty little place,  but the traffic was hectic.
And I couldn’t see a parking place.
Encountered thick mist in the Wilderness and soldiered on to Mossel Bay.
Filled up with gas and got the petrol attendant to open my bottle.
Which he did with one turn!

I went onto Heidelberg where my son said I must take a right turn to the village where he has a plot.
I did this and found I was on a gravel road.
It went on for bloody miles.
And I had NO idea where I was.
Several farm pick-ups passed me and the dust was so thick I had to almost stop until it cleared.
Drove on until suddenly there was a tar road and I was in the village.
Found out that, if I had gone another 15kms or so on the highway I could have been on tar and in the village quite easily.
Some people’s children!

Finally arrived at the plot.
Which is a little bit of heaven.

They can’t wait to retire there in about a year’s time.
And I don’t blame them.

They have baboons and deer.
I didn’t see either of them.
I DID see loads of beautiful birds.

They don’t have electricity but they have battery operated lights.
A gas stove and fridge.
And a generator for the washing machine and charging cell phones.
They also have a lot of snakes.
Fortunately, I didn’t see them either.

They brought their remaining old dog, Molly.
Who smells like rock bait.
And their kitten Jasper, who had a whale of a time stalking birds and getting stuck in trees.
A strange kitten.
Sits on the back of the couch and licks my son’s head for ten minutes at a time.

They gave me a double blow up mattress to sleep on.
It was very comfortable.
However, getting off the thing was another story.
I will leave that to your imagination.



14 responses to “Granny’s road trip…day one”

  1. You reminded me of something my mom always used to say, The nerve of some people’s kids!”.

    I too have the darndest times with all those “childproof” caps!

    I enjoy hearing of your travels and travails. And your photos!

  2. Its one thing getting down on the floor but its a B sight difference in getting back up again. It is vital to have a piece of furniture that one can crawl too and get the lift up to be standing…an achievement in itself….Well ir sounds like a grand adventure and i look forward to next exciting episode…S.NAKES!!!!  no way!!  

    Sent: Monday, May 01, 2017 at 10:25 AM

  3. I thought that dirt road must be interminable for you to have reached the Suikerbosrand in Gauteng, but then reasoned there must be another Heidelberg.
    Getting off one of those mattresses is easy. You bounce until you are standing up, and then jump. Or you roll off, and go into getting-up-from-floor mode.
    I hope the beautiful greenery near the plot is not going to be endangered.

  4. Wow…if I had ended up there I would truly have been lost!
    No, they will be protecting the greenery. They like their privacy.
    I did the roll off method.

  5. Getting off those mattresses requires a precise sequence of Yoga poses, ending with downward dog followed by tree or mountain pose, your pick. Namaste!

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