Posted by: granny1947 | October 23, 2016

Granny gets a wake-up call.

dscf6480Hello All.

Meet Sky.
One of the new next door neighbours.
He is very curious and not at all shy.


dscf6482This is Shadow.
Very pretty but quite timid still.

Now, the wake-up call.
My next door neighbor phoned me at three this morning.
He has five young ladies visiting him from Johannesburg.
His sister and other family members.
Lovely girls.
They went out at midnight and, when they came home at three, found they had been burgled.
Ironic really.
They come down from the crime capital and get robbed here!
I think Mex might have disturbed them.
He went to the loo just before three and turned on the bathroom light.

The police came very quickly and took a statement.
They will be back at nine to look for finger prints.

But, the story does not end there.
These are burglars with an attitude.
At four o’clock the complex manager phoned me.
Her neighbours, two doors along from her, heard a noise and came outside.
Came outside and found two guys sitting in their car!
He chased them and they jumped on a dividing wall and jumped right over the electric fencing.
Hope the bastards broke their ankles.

They weren’t carrying anything so we will be scouring the complex today.
They stole a laptop from my friend next door.
Maybe we will still find it.

The complex manager phoned the police again.
However, they could not come.
They were attending to a shoot out.
Down the road from our complex.
It appears we are living in the Wild West!

I used this opportunity to tell Mex we REALLY need to get a dog.
He still won’t budge.



  1. you tell Mex that here in a village all 7 english neighbours have been robbed at some time. ln the ten years we have been here not one problem. We have 6 neighbours had none at the time but they do now.Dogs are a deterrent even just the barking l am sorry about your neighbours and their visitors and l hope that all stolen goods will be returned,but cats are not really much good at guarding a house. tell Mex to be sensible . the dog you showed yesterday would be most suitable

    • I am really trying P. It has to come from him, unfortunately!

  2. Many years ago, when I first lived alone, the Crime Prevention Officer checked my home to advise on security measures. His advice was, get a dog, which I did. I lost both my dogs at the beginning of this year, one to cancer, the other had a stroke. I’d had them 15/16 years and I wasn’t going to get another as I’m now 70, but I saw this beautiful staffie at the local rescue centre and fell in love. I’ve had her for 3 weeks now and I feel so much happier and much safer. Sasha is a big softie, but she looks fierce and staffies have a (undeserved) reputation for being vicious so people are scared of her – until they see her waggly tail! And she’s such good company and makes me get out for walks so she’s good for my health too. The pros of having a dog definitely outweigh the cons. You must miss Jasmine tremendously. I hope you find another perfect companion.

    • How sad to lose BOTH your dogs like that. I was so devastated when Jasmine went. I really want to get another rescue dog but am having no luck with the other half so far.

    • I had a Staffie long ago. She was just a big ball of love.

  3. Lovely pussycats, not so lovely burglars! With dogs, I’m always scared they’d get poisoned, so I would keep a small dog that can stay indoors at night.

  4. The kitties are adorable! How scary about the burglaries and shoot-out, though. You definitely need a dog, they’re great on so many levels. Maybe you should get one and just say he followed you home…

    • The shoot-out turned out to be a hoax call!!!! I have brought puppies and kittens in for Mex to see…he smiles and says “OUT”.

  5. Quite a hot bed of activity in your neck of the woods! Hope things settle down soon. Good luck persuading Mex.

  6. Time to get another dog… and a shotgun!

    • A Rottweiler and a machine gun!!!

  7. What a Beautiful Cat xxx

  8. Hope you had a great Christmas, and here’s wishing you all the best for 2017.
    The dog solution? Tell Mex sweetly that if a dog is introduced he may stay. Otherwise …

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