Posted by: granny1947 | October 20, 2016

Granny has a little gossip.

dscf6478 Hello All.

The above picture is another new visitor to our feeder.
Not sure what he is but I don’t know how he manages to fly with that tail.
I am finding it hard to WALK with mine.

So the bit of gossip.
When our next door neighbours moved in they had a small child.
Then they got the lovely pitbull.
Then they got a Jack Russell.
He is a little shit.
Has so much attitude I think he imagines he is a Great Dane.

The lady of the house is a school teacher.
Lovely person.
The other day I walked out and she was holding two beautiful kittens.
One of the kids in her class found them.
No sign of the Mom.

She had already been to the pet shop and bought them a litter box.
And tablets to de-flea them.
And special food.

Her husband is a policeman.
A great big softie.
I asked her what he thought about the new additions.
She said he would find out when he got home from work!

Yesterday, Mex heard her yelling.
Out, out, out.
And the kid came out into the garden.
She has her priorities right!

Maybe I should try her tactics.
Just come home with a dog.
Have a feeling we might both end up on the front lawn!



  1. that is exactly what you should do….  

    Sent: Thursday, October 20, 2016 at 7:12 PM

    • I’ll bide my time a little longer Patrecia. You have to work slowly with Mex.

  2. Small child + pitbull = NO, in my book.
    Kittens + pitbull = NO, in my book, too.

    • I thought the same Pussycat but I have to say, the Pitbull is a little darling.

  3. Come home with a great dane!

    • My mate at work brings her Great Dane to work every day. She is lovely. However, just TOO much dog for my liking. This is a SMALL house.

  4. Good One Granny… Hope the Weather out on the Lawn is aoK…

    • Hi Anthony. Yes, will have to wait until the weather settles before I try that.

  5. No to the pit bull and yes to the kittens. That’s a good little story.

    • Thanks Mhembroff…really…the pitbull is a darling.

  6. Bring home a pup! Mex can’t possibly say no to sweet puppy eyes…yours or the dog’s… 😉

    • Oh how I wish RD….really miss a fur baby.

  7. I know a good saint Bernard breeder. He may be able to supply you with a pup. Saints are ideal dogs! Lots of drool and hair becomes a condiment!

    • Hi Rip. I can just imagine the look on his face if I came home with a Saint. Our house is so small it would take up half the lounge.

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