Posted by: granny1947 | October 11, 2016

Granny sits and sits and then sits some more.

2010_07070009Hello All.

Yes, today was a case of waiting and waiting.
I took my Stepdad to have the cancer cut out of his back.
We got to the hospital at seven thirty.
In the morning.
We were still sitting in admissions at nine thirty.
He eventually went into theatre at about one.
We got home at three this afternoon.
This Granny is a bit exhausted.

I put a couple of episodes of “Allo, Allo, onto my something.
For the life of me I can’t remember what you call the damn thing.
I MUST be tired.
Or it is my second glass of wine.
Anyway, it is his favourite show and helped to pass the time.
When you get to 93 patience is NOT one of your virtues.

Oh yes, it is official.
I am old.
When I drove out of the hospital the attendant at the gate said “Thank you Granny, have a nice day Granny”.
What can I say.

Breaking news.
Our minister of finance has been summonsed to court on corruption charges.
There goes our rand.
And our credit rating.
Our esteemed president thinks we are all fools.
He wants to get his hands on our treasury.
So he can make lots of money on Nuclear deals.
He thinks we are all fools.
We do not believe you Zuma.
You are going to have egg on your face.




  1. Hang in there my dear. Tomorrow is a better day.

    • Hell, I hope so. Our president out to destroy the country for his own gain.

  2. He seems unstoppable. It seems crazy manipulative bullies are in leadership positions all over the world these days.

  3. Oh dear.

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