Posted by: granny1947 | October 10, 2016

Granny takes a deep breath.



Hello All.

I have chosen a cloudy picture.
Because that is how I feel today.

When I first started blogging I talked a lot about politics.
Then I went the humorous route.

It made me happier.
But, today, I have to vent.

My overseas friends probably don’t know what is happening in this country.
Or maybe you do?

A few hundred students are protesting that they want free university education.
They want the universities closed until their demands are met.
To show their displeasure they have burnt down libraries, laboratories and residences.
They have caused MILLIONS of rands damage.

These few hundred “students” are holding thousands of genuine students to ransom.
They won’t let them attend lectures.
They won’t even let them protest peacefully.

I have no problem with free university.
Based on MERIT.
Not free education for people who have scraped through with 30%
Of course, if you are white, then you battle to get into varsity with five distinctions.
NOW you can all shout the racist card.
But, that is what is happening.

I know I shall get a lot of negative comments.
But, I no longer care.
This country is going to hell in a hand cart.
And, it starts from the top.
Our government is saying it is the mysterious third force, trying to unseat them.
This is always their cry when they don’t know what to do.

Get rid of our corrupt president.
Maybe, just maybe, we might have some confidence in you.
His silence, in the present circumstances, speaks volumes.



  1. I have watched what is going on in SA and it is way past the time that Zuma went…but he must have backing from somewhere…

    • He has lined the nests of all his supporters. They can’t afford to see him go!

  2. I had no idea of South Africa’s problems…but rest assured, you are not alone…the US is going through it’s own version of insanity.

    • I know. If Trump gets in you are going to have a similar problem to us! Good luck with that!

  3. you are spot on Whites are evil because they work to achieve, no hand outs. No I am not racist only quoting the truth of what a minority blacks are doing to the people who cannot think.

    • I think the majority know this is wrong…just do not know how to combat violence.

  4. Well said, Gran! I have only one major thing to add. The students have lost trust because they have been promised over and over, year in and year out, especially prior to elections, and most of the promises never reached fruition. Now the ruling party is reaping what they sowed.

    • Except that hey never said free tertiary education. that should be on merit.

  5. Unfortunately there is unrest all over the world. I hadn’t heard what you guys were going through though. I am not so sure I agree with free university and for students that work hard there was always scholarships.One thing is they make university fees so high it is hard for the average person to get in which isn’t fair either. There should be a happy medium but there doesn’t seem to be. Governments don’t help. Who is to say the next one is better or worse. One can always hope better. Keep watching for the light at the end of the tunnel. Look for something to cheer you on a daily basis.
    We all need to vent sometimes. It is good to get things off your chest.

    • Thanks love. Just needed to get that out.

  6. What a shame.
    Burning down libraries says something about how LITTLE they value education.

    • They are nothing but a bunch of STUPID bullies. Cannot abide bullies. Yesterday they burned out a bus and stoned motorists driving past.

  7. Violence never solved anything, it only leaves everyone with less than before. This is so sad to hear, and it’s frightening as well.

    • Would love to put all those students over my knee…and our government.

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