Posted by: granny1947 | October 9, 2016

Granny has a birds eye view.


Hello All.

Yes, you are quite right.
I have no idea what I am doing.
Did not mean to download all three pictures at once.
I know next to nothing about birds.
Think the ones in the first pic are egrets.
I could be wrong.
Feel free to correct me.




The next ones are the common sparrow.
And now I don’t know why everything is in blue and underlined!dscf6471

The last ones are new visitors.
They are Red Bishops.
I know because I looked them up.
They are all males and are only red during the mating season.
Which explains all the aggression going on.
Put a whole lot of randy males together and there WILL be trouble.

The bird feeder is a constant source of amusement for me.
Not because we have funny birds.
Mex fills the feeder with seed and then rushes in and out chasing away the doves.
I have pointed out that doves are also birds but he still insists on chasing them.
He is fighting a losing battle.
They simply sit on the wall next door until he goes in.
Then, back they come.
Still, it gives him some exercise.

Now I am off to watch the cricket.
Australia are 24 for three after eight overs.
Sorry Anthony!


  1. Dont over do it old girl..two posts in three days…you,re only doing that to make me feel bad..ain,t workng though….must admit that me and WordPress are not the close buddies that we used to be..but as long as it can be can l. Love your pics even of you did not intend it to be… How are you geyting on with the little dog that took you for a walk….

  2. I must confess I have not had the courage to take that “little” dog for another walk.Feel so sorry for him.

  3. I’ve never seen a Red Bishop. Beautiful.
    Enjoy the cricket match.

    • Aren’t they lovely. We were upset today. A cat jumped up and caught one!The cricket was great. We thumped the Aussies. Four games in a row.

  4. Love your pictures of the birds even if you didn’t intend to post them all at once. I also feed the birds mostly in the winter months though. I love it when the dove’s come for a visit. We have had snow already and its only the first week of October. Thanksgiving this Monday.

    • Have a great Thanksgiving. You are getting snow and our forecast for tomorrow is 29 degrees!

  5. Anthony forgives you… remember I am from the mother country… It is all super league and premier league at the moment… See you soon for a game of goons… AoK

    • Don’t know if I want to see you. You are beating me hollow!!!

  6. We have egrets here but I’ve never seen them in so many numbers together and never ever in treetops! Ours are always in water. I love those red bishops, we don’t have them in our area. What color are they when it’s not mating season?

    • Yes, our egrets seem to like the trees here. the Bishops are very sparrow like out of breeding season.

      • Wow that’s a huge color change! Very cool. 🙂

      • Aren’t they lovely.

  7. The Red Bishops are very pretty. I’m a bit like Mex – I put food out for the birds but don’t like it when the pigeons and magpies come and eat it all!

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