Posted by: granny1947 | June 3, 2016

Granny and some people never learn.

DSCF6462Hello All.

So, I made a few mistakes yesterday.
Rather painful ones.

Mistake number one was walking into the garden without combat gear.
Blade was so pleased to see me he greeted me with open arms.
Make that open nails.
That is the wound on the left.
He has done this to me before.
I should have taken more care.

I then asked his Mommy if I could take him for a walk.
But first I admired her new baby.
Dabbing  invainly with a piece of loo paper.
Is invainly a word?
If not, it should be.

Mistake number two was not listening to my blogger friends.
I should have tried him in the garden first.
But I didn’t.

Mistake number three was using a collar and lead.
I should have used Jasmine’s choke chain.
But I didn’t.

We made it around the first block in record time.
Much faster than I wanted to go.
The damn dog was so pleased to be out.

Then I am not sure WHAT happened.
I think he got the lead caught around a lamp post.
And I hit the ground.
VERY hard.
That is the wound on the right.
The one you can see.
I also have a sore right breast.(which I am not going to show you)
And I can’t do much with my right hand.
Actually, that is not true.
It appears I can type with no discomfort.
Picking up anything is a different story.
I will just have to suffer in silence when I pick up my wine glass tonight.

My face also hit the ground.
And buckled my glasses slightly.
I was still chewing sand even after I had brushed my teeth.
There don’t seem to be any bruises or marks on my face.
But time has done enough damage to that part of my anatomy.
I must have a closer look.
Maybe it has improved!

My boss was wonderful this morning.
He dressed my wounds and gave me some Arnica tablets for the bruising.
Then he straightened my glasses so I could see again.
He didn’t send me home but one can’t have everything.

Right now I have aches and pains all over.
I do not recommend falling in your 70th year.
I am going to take an anti-inflammatory and hit the bed for a while.
Curl up into the faetal position.
And whimper.





  1. Oh, no! Thank goodness you didn’t break any bones. Recover, re-group and maybe retry later again. Slowly does it, you know.

    • I know Pussycat…I was so lucky not to break anything. Won’t give up though.

  2. OUCH! From now on, you’ll have to keep a fence between you and Blade’s exuberance.

    • Nope NR.. I shall get the better of him…not for a few days, though.

  3. Oh dear, I feel awful now for having encouraged you to take Blade out. Let’s look on the positive …. Nope, can’t think of anything! Well, perhaps you’ve made a new friend of the mother of the baby. And don’t give up on Blade, bless him.

    • Don’t be silly Cynth…all my own doing…we shall persevere.

  4. Oh no my friend – ouchie! Bless your heart you did have a very tough day. So, I’m sending you major hogs and snout kisses to make you feel better. Then I will join you in your fetal position and oink with you. Get better soon! XOXO – Bacon

    • Awwwwwwww…thank you so much Piglove…much appreciated..oink, oink.

  5. Ok, but now you know what to expect. Before you take him for his next walk you need:

    1. Cycle helmet
    2. Skateboard knee pads
    3. Rugby body armor
    4. Bullet proof vest – optional

    • Hi David…duly noted…now, when are you going to start a blog?

  6. Ok, maybe easy to train was a little optimistic. What about You Tube how to train an enthusiastic dog? Hope your recover enough to partake of the wine 🍷

    • I will definitely recover sufficiently for the wine!!!

  7. Poor you. What that dog needs is two hours of running after sticks BEFORE taking him for a walk! I hope there are no long-term ill-effects from yesterday.

    • I know Viv but it is difficult. We have a lovely open green area but I can’t let him loose there…he would take off to the bush and get bitten by a snake. I am sure I am going to be just great. Barry having to peel everything for supper. Going to be interesting to see how I cook it all with one hand. Will let you

  8. Oh you poor do your bit and get rewarded by being damaged. But you know what ..young lady…and i can call you that cos you are younger than me…but l am damned proud of you. To be able to do that so soon agter Jasmine shows just how much you care about animals. I am pleased as two peas that you are my friend. Ok it did not quite go as pick yourself up,brush ypurself down and start all over again..but at a more gentle pace. And use choke chain. I shall await the next positive report. Love you loads

    • Aw thanks Patrecia. Love you loads too.
      Will have to wait a couple of days to brush myself off.
      Right shoulder and side too painful to do much.

  9. Oh dear, that arm of yours looks quite nasty. Wait awhile before you attempt to walk Blade again. He needs to use up some of his energy before you go walkies, to dampen down his exhuberance at being out.
    You have a nice boss. Take care of that arm.

    • Hi Barb. The arm is the least of my problems today!

      • Yes, I see from your latest post that your shoulder is giving you a lot of trouble.

      • Am sure it will be a lot better tomorrow.

  10. Take care. Maybe don’t walk other people’s untrained dogs.I am also a seventy two and a granny. Take care of that arm. Thankfully it wasn’t worse.

    • Hello from one Granny to another.
      Sorry I took so long to reply but you went into my spam mail!
      Thank you for the visit.

  11. Ah Kath, good intentions……look after yourself and maybe play with him in the garden first! Lots of love

    • Thanks Tarnish….that is my plan…hope it works.

  12. Oh my goodness, Granny! I fall behind with my blog visits for a few days and look what happens! I read forward and saw that you’re doing better now, which I’m so happy about. But what an awful fall! You must have limped all the way home. I’m so glad nothing more serious happened – now no more of these types of adventures, please! 😉

  13. Oh, my, that looks painful. I hope you mend speedily.

    • All well gobeteween….I am a fast recoverer!

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