Posted by: granny1947 | June 2, 2016

Granny is thinking…it happens sometimes.

004Hello All.

I have shown this photo before.
His name is Blade.
And he is gorgeous.
Jasmine and I always stopped to say hello to him.
And he, once, got so excited he piddled on her head.
She was NOT impressed.
Looked at him with absolute horror.

I stopped to say hello to him yesterday.(Am I the only one who says hello to other dogs?)
He smiled so widely I thought his teeth were going to drop out.
Then he raced off and brought a toy to the gate.

I am seriously thinking of asking his parents if I can take him walking.
They both work and hardly ever take him for a run.
And Border Collies NEED to run.
Also, they had a baby recently so their life is pretty busy.

Problem is he is very boisterous.
And has not been trained to walk on a lead.
Don’t know if I am strong enough.
I love dogs.
I don’t fancy a broken hip.

They are very intelligent dogs.
How hard would it be to train him?
One can do wonders with words of encouragement.
And a pocket full of treats.

What do you guys think?


  1. I would ask the neighbours if I could first try walking him around his own yard on a leash. Let him get used to you and teach him to walk calmly and to obey you. Then, if they agree and you feel comfortable, he can go for short walks outside the property. Good luck.

    • I am so glad you commented Pussycat. I have been all over your blog. Where does one go to leave a comment???

      • I haven’t blogged in a while and I changed the look of the page. I’ll check it out and let you know.

  2. Ooh that’s a difficult one. I would think you would need some basic training in his yard for several days before even attempting it.

    • I think you might be right Lilyn. Thank you so much for the visit.

  3. Absolutely 100%..fantastic idea….you are brilliant….do not hesitate..go and ask them

    • I am going right now to test the water…wish me luck.

  4. and you would be helping them and making one dog very happy

  5. Sounds like a WIN for you, a WIN for the dog, and a WIN for the busy parents. Go for it.

    But if you do break a hip . . . I am not responsible. ; )

    • Had a fall but, besides a very sore right hand, the hips are still intact.

      • Sometimes ONCE is all it takes for us to know that something isn’t working. Sorry it didn’t work out for you and the pup.

  6. So what have you decided

    • I have decided I need to be sensible. Took a great fall with him today.

  7. They are exceptionally trainable, but it does rather depend on the age of the dog and the bad habits that have been condoned.

    I ALWAYS talk to dogs I meet

  8. He should be fairly easy to train we had one on the farm, never trained, but he was always following his own instincts. He watched the chickens, the bullocks and of course the sheep. The only real problem we had was when we had a family game of cricket on Sunday afternoons. He thought it was a great idea to get the ball, the problem was it was usually mid bowl 😉

    • And I bet he did not want to give it back. Blade always brings a toy to me at his gate but he isn’t good at returning it when I throw it for him.You will have to read today’s post to see what happened yesterday.

  9. This sounds like an all round win/win situation to me. The parents will no doubt be grateful, Blade will be overjoyed and you will get the company you seek. I think Jasmine would probably be happy about this idea too. When I lost my own dogs recently someone told me that he best way you can honour their memory is to rescue another dog. In a way, you will be rescuing Blade from boredom. He will be no bother to train. Sheepdogs are exceptionally intelligent and quick to learn. Go for it Granny!

    • Read my post today. BUT I have not given up. Will just need to recover!

  10. PS I have changed the theme of my blog and hope that it will be better. If you click on the title of the post then the reply section opens. I hope this helps. xxxx

    • Thanks Pussycat…will give it a try.

  11. Border collies are one of the smartest dog breeds, so I’m sure you could train him. But they do need a lot of exercise, like you said, so be prepared for *him* to be exercising *you*! LOL He’s a beautiful pup. And you’re not the only person who stops to greet dogs, I do it all the time too. 🙂

    • Read my post.
      It was a disaster.
      Blade had fun though.

  12. So sorry about Jazzy xx hugs xx keep trying with Blade, love and miss you lots xx

    • Thanks my love.
      Love and miss you too.

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