Posted by: granny1947 | June 1, 2016

Granny and a bit of this and that.


Hello All.

What are we going to talk about today.
Hmm…not much it seems.
My mind is a complete blank.

I have just come back from a walk.
Am still finding it difficult without Jasmine.
Damn, I miss that dog.
A guy from along the road asked me if she was too old to walk now.
I had to tell him she was gone and then walk off quickly.
I started to leak again.
And I didn’t have a tissue.
And I hate sniffing.

My mate, at work,  is off to Germany tomorrow or the next day.
Her 96 year old ex-mother in law has had a fall.
I can’t imagine jetting off to see one of my mother-in-laws.
And I have had a few.
Mind you, when we first moved to Cape Town I drove an hour to visit my first M.I.L.
Every ruddy weekend.
And an hour back.
But I felt sorry for her.

Anyway, I might be putting in some overtime in the next few weeks.
I need two new tyres for my car so the extra money will help.

I told Barry we were going to babysit her Great Dane.
I wish you could have seen his face.
Absolute horror.
Actually, she is an easy dog.
She comes to work every day.
Always comes to me for a cuddle as soon as she arrives.
Then sleeps for the rest of the day.

And now I have waffled enough.



  1. I love your waffle….did you get me message on Facebook  

    Sent: Wednesday, June 01, 2016 at 6:23 PM

    • Thanks Patrecia.
      I will check.
      Don’t think I got a message from you.

  2. I simply cannot get used to the idea of you and beaches – but no Jasmine!
    Even though she cannot be replaced (the ‘special’ ones never are) there is bound to be another wonderful canine character in desperate need of a human companion. As, I suspect, you are in need of a canine one.

    • Me too Col…just does not seem right.
      I will have to work on Barry.
      Someone I know runs a centre for abused animals.
      Would love to go there.

      • What a wonderful idea Kathy, so many dogs in need of love and attention.

  3. I think if is wonderful when people get rid of some people in their lives but keep the ones they enjoy

    • Me too Jan.
      Thanks for the visit.

  4. Doggy sitting a Great Dane for a short while will give you a companion for your walks. That will be good.

    • It is never going to happen NR!!!

      • We had Great Danes growing up . . . 3 of them.
        Not all at once.

        They ate a pound of meat a day. WOOF!

      • they are very placid animals. The one at work hardly moves.

  5. My dad bred with Great Danes, and they are the friendliest easiest dogs to get along with, you just need big spades 😉

    • Ok..Monica…a big spade…let’s scrap that idea.

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