Posted by: granny1947 | May 31, 2016

Granny and it came back!

2010_07130009Hello All.

So, I remembered what I wanted to tell you.
First, though, I have to give my overseas friends some background.

We have recently had a spate of violent protests.
I am not too sure about what.
Poor service delivery.
Changing municipal boundaries.
That sort of thing.

More than fifty schools, libraries, clinics etc have been either vandalized or burnt to the ground.
It defies logic.
You are unhappy about something and then you take away your child’s right to an education.

Within days the government managed to bring in mobile classrooms to replace a few of the schools.
My favourite radio DJ commented on it.
He wondered why the government could suddenly spring into action when a lot of the rural schools are in mud huts.
And some teach under trees.
His colleague said ” maybe they should burn down the tree”

Sorry, but it appealed to my black sense of humour.



  1. very good Granny

    do you feel safe

    • I feel fine Patrecia.
      This is such a big country and most of the unrest is up in the Transvaal.
      A long way from here.
      Oh yes, we have also had a lot of problems at universities all over the country.
      Millions of rands damage because they want free studies.

  2. Where are you that such chaos reigns?

    • Beautiful South Africa.
      Hope I can keep saying that.

  3. Never apologize for your delicious sense of humor, Granny!

  4. That’s some dark humor, Kathy.

    And that’s OK . . .
    If we didn’t laugh we would all go insane.

  5. These destructive antics defy all logic. Burning the tree might not be at all far-fetched.
    It seems that the best way of succeeding in government in SA is to make an almighty mess of it so that supporters can protest vehemently that it wasn’t your fault and that they still support you.

    • I get brain freeze when I try to make sense of it.

  6. So much violence in the world. Sorry to hear this is happening in your area. Praying with you and your community.

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