Posted by: granny1947 | May 30, 2016

Granny is losing the plot.

2010_07130003Hello All.

Yesterday, I knew what I was going to blog about today.
Today I have no frigging idea what it was all about.
It has vanished into the ether.
Probably, never to return.
A pity because I am sure it was going to be something mind blowing.
Or not.

So, what shall we talk about?
Barry and I went for a walk today.
Me with walking stick(to warn snakes of my approach)
And my camera which I never used.
Because there was nothing worth snapping.
And no Jasmine.
No stopping at every blade of grass.
I was quite puffed out.
Anyway, I MUST keep up the walking.
I am not quite ready to join her.
Though, she had better be waiting for me.

I am sleeping far too much.
Perhaps catching up on the months of getting up every couple of hours to check on her.
I don’t think so.
I don’t think it works that way.
Lost sleep has gone.
Anyway, this afternoon I dreamed that Molly, from Mike and Molly, had come for supper.
Probably because I had been watching it on TV before I dropped off.

Yes, that is a gripe I can express here.
I have no idea what idiots they have at DSTV(cable) but they need their butts kicked.
It is bad enough that we spend a small fortune for the dubious pleasure of viewing their stuff.
I wouldn’t do it but Barry likes the sport.
They are starting all the old series from the beginning.
Like we wouldn’t notice?
Now they have a new trick.
They show two episodes of Mike and Molly and then, immediately repeat the first one.
Do they think we have attention deficit?

Oh hell, it is time for me to do my cooking thing.
For some reason Barry seems to want to eat every night!

Catch you all tomorrow.



  1. To enable you to be able to stop at every blade of grass…in the Dog Shelter there are old dogs who need someone to care for them..give it a think. We got Guido when he was 13 , very deaf and could not see well at all from Dog Rescue in Sofia. He had about 18 months of knowing someone cated about him. You cannot ever replace Jasmine but when you have a lot of love for dogs it all goes to waste if its not given

    • I hear you Patrecia but Barry won’t hear of it.

  2. I love the sentiment expressed by Patrecia . . . but I could not bear to adopt an older dog knowing that his stay would be so short.

    With today’s short attention spans, it’s no wonder the cable replays shows.

    And, maybe you do have ADHD ~> by your own admission, you had a mind blowing post in mind yesterday which is now MIA.


    Rest up!

    • Who knows…maybe the post will return.
      One lives in hope.

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