Posted by: granny1947 | May 29, 2016

Granny is suspicious.

2010_07130015Hello All.

We went down to the beachfront for a walk yesterday.
I took some lovely shots.
You will just have to take my word for it.
Somehow I deleted all of them bar one.
Strangely that one is the last one I took of Jasmine.
I am not going to share it.
She does not look her best.
And women take that seriously.

I have a question for all my overseas friends.
Do your lotteries get won on a regular basis or do they roll over a lot?
Every month end our lottery gives a BIG prize.
And every month end it is won?
Colour me paranoid but I think something is fishy.
Corruption is so rampant in this country why not the lottery.

Our post office is on the verge of closing.
It is in severe financial trouble.
Much like all the state owned enterprises run by our brilliant government.
Barry went to the post office that sorts the mail we never receive.
They happily handed over a refuse bag full of mail they have not delivered.
There must have been close on 500 letters.
Registered slips included.
They had a couple of excuses.
They don’t have a vehicle to come to our complex(the complex is one block up from the rest of the suburb)
It is too far for the postman to walk.
She can’t reach all the mail boxes.

In the old days we used to get mail TWICE a day.
Then it went to once a day.
The post office was solvent.
Bloody ANC.

Hmmm…have just thought of something else but this post is going on too long.
Will save it for tomorrow.


  1. That postal service sounds absolutely crap. I don’t think there is any funny business with the UK or French lottery.

    • It is utter crap Viv. As is our health service,our schools, our airline,our electricity, our water. I could go on and on. And STILL they get voted in.

      • I think that’s because ALL politicians are in it for themselves, no matter where. Politician is a dirty word in my book.

  2. The SA Post Office is such a bad joke. Every time I post a birthday card to South Africa, I wonder if it will get to its destination. Only about 50% success rate so far. 😦

  3. Tell me about it. Barry received a letter posted in March!

  4. I’m crossing S.A. off my places to live.
    We don’t get much “fun mail” . . . but at least our bills are delivered on time.

    Glad you got to the beach. I’m sure that must have been a breath of fresh air for you.

    • It is worth a visit before it implodes!

  5. Our lotteries roll over most of the time. Recently one rolled over so many times, it was at almost half a BILLION US dollars, the biggest in history. That’s Billion with a B!!! And one family won it. They seem like very kind-hearted people, hope this doesn’t change them like I’ve heard big money winnings can do to people. Lottery totals have been getting bigger and bigger lately. I never win, but that’s because I never play…but that’s because any time I’ve ever played, I’ve never won, so I don’t play anymore. How’s that for circle logic?? 😉

    Our post offices would never get away with not delivering mail like that!!

    • Well, that is my point. Yours roll over a lot. Ours seem to get won all too often. You guys have far more people playing snd it does not go. There is something very fishy in the state of Denmark.

  6. We can’t go on together with suspicious minds, Granny…
    Sorry, couldn’t resist…

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