Posted by: granny1947 | May 27, 2016

Granny is leaking.

Picture 007

Hello All.

For all those who are not on my Facebook….Jasmine passed away yesterday.

I am distraught and have not stopped howling.
Am doing it right now.
And, I am at work.
Which makes me look like a crazy old woman.
And, maybe I am.
So be it.

I cannot recall EVER crying this much.
And I have lost so many people dear to me.
I have tried to analyse my feelings.
Tried to make sense of this absolute grief.
I am stumped.

Mex came with me to the vet.
But he did not come in when they gave her the final shot.
Just as well.
She licked me just before she died.
Maybe I should not have gone in either.

When I got back in the car I just sobbed and sobbed and Mex sniffed.
He said he had a cold.
Yeah right.

I promise to try and make my next post happier.



  1. Granny, you leak all you need to! Jasmine was more than just a dog; she was your four-legged-best-friend, with whom you made many memories. A gaping hole has been left in your heart because she’s not here anymore – that is understandable. Thinking of you xx

    • Thanks so much. The leaking is one thing…the mess it is making of my eyes is scary.

  2. My heart goes out to you. I know exactly how you feel. I wish there was something I could say to help you through it, but I know from experience there is nothing that will take the pain away. It is the price you must pay for the time you shared with your beloved Jasmine. I’m sure you will agree it was worth it when you are able to focus on your happy times together. Wish I could just give you a hug. X

    • And WHAT a price Cynth…really don’t think I can open myself up to this again.

  3. Oh, that is sad. I’m so sorry. Poor Jasmine, and you, but think of all the wonderful happy times you had together.

    • I am trying not to think of her…just open the flood gates again.

  4. I am so so sorry Granny xx

    • Thank you so much Natasha and welcome.

  5. So sorry. Pets leave a hole in our lives that no one can explain, I expect it is because they just love unconditionally. There’s no judgement – just love.

    • You are so right Jacqui…in fact have already decided to blog about it.

  6. Losing a beloved pet like Jasmine is like losing part of ourselves. You are stronger than me . . . you’re at work. I’d be at home bawling into a soggy pillow, before admiring my “froggy eyes’ in the bathroom mirror.

    Jasmine had a super life with you and you with her. Peace.

    • Froggy eyes!!! That is SO correct.
      I don’t know who that dreadful person looking back at me is.
      Can’t possible be ME.

  7. OMG Granny, I’m leaking here too. I know how close you feel to Jasmine and I so feel your pain. I had no idea Jasmine wasn’t doing well (I’m not on FB). Saying I’m sorry doesn’t feel like enough. I know exactly how you feel. There are some pets we’re so much closer to (even closer than to most people), and I know Daisy is for DD and me what Jasmine is to you. I’ll probably be out of commission for months when that dreaded day comes. I wish I could be there to help you through such a difficult time. We’re all sending lots of love to you; I’ll be thinking of you.

    • Awww RD…I hope that day is a long, long way away. I have been devastated but overwhelmed by all the kind words and comments.

  8. You did the right thing Granny. It was very brave of you. That lick Jasmine gave was to say thank you for doing this for me

  9. I’m sorry, Granny1947.

    • Thank you so much Pussycat.

  10. Oh noooo! I’m so sad for you. You’ve had some great times with her and made lots of good memories. Sweet Jasmine and you just seemed to go together, all the time I’ve known you in Blogland. *hugs* to you xx

    • Thanks so much AD. It is amazing how many people bonded with Jasmine over the years.

  11. I’m crying with you for Jasmine, but they say crying is good for the soul, so let it come. It will get better. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

  12. Let your grief for your beloved friend run its course. I have lost many pets over the years but always have room in my heart to love another sweet cuddly friend. You were right to go in with Jasmine for that final moment. Jasmine knew you loved her or him and by licking you was simply saying goodbye. Chin up. Its okay to cry but not for too long.

    • Hi Margie…I know you are right. The tears are lessening except when I read my comments…then they trickle again.

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