Posted by: granny1947 | May 27, 2016

Granny feels the love.

002Hello All.

Two posts in one day.
Watch out for dramatic changes in the weather.
Or an earthquake or two.

I am feeling a little better.
The torrents have subsided to the odd trickle.
Especially when I read all the comments here and on FB.
I have been overwhelmed by all the love.
An upside to these two horrific days.

Tonight I have a friend coming for supper.
Cooking might keep me on an even keel.
She is a big softie who also loved Jasmine.
We will probably have a little weep together.
And Mex will roll his eyes.
And pretend he has a cold again.
I am glad I am not a man.
I could just sob my heart out.

I have lost a lot of people I loved very much.
But I always told myself that when you lose someone you are crying for yourself.
And I have had a little weep and carried on with life.
My reaction to Jasmine’s death took me by surprise.
Gut wrenching sobs.
I have never done that before.
I think, maybe, because I did not have to be strong for anyone else.
I could just wallow.
And, now that I have, it is time to move on.
However, I keep hearing her panting.
And I just couldn’t go for a walk without her today.
And I miss her big brown eyes watching my every move.
Such unconditional love.
I was so lucky to experience that.
Damn, am leaking again.

Nancy put it so well.
I don’t have froggy eyes.
I have bullfrog eyes.

Tonight Mex is giving me a sleeping pill.
There could just be a little problem.
I have had a lot to drink today.
What if I wet the bed?

Which reminds me.
When Jasmine started pooping in her sleep my younger son said it was time.
I didn’t listen.
He did, however, say that if I start pooping in MY sleep he will put me down.
For once I am glad he lives a 1000kms away!



  1. Leave it to you to find your sense of humor even now! I admire your strength, Granny. Just try not to wet the bed, or your son may start getting ideas… 😉

    • Hi RD…he is MY son…hope he is just joking!

  2. You are crying? Everytime i read another post on Fb or WordPress i am crying too. What a sensible son you have…loved it

    • I am glad you think he is sensible Patrecia…I think he is a bit scary!!!

  3. Pets iz special. It takes time to process the sorrow of losing them.
    And still more time for the “bullfroggy” swelling to dissipate.

    It sounds like you’re moving in the right direction.

    Have a nice dinner with your friend as you share laughter (and tears) about Jasmine.

    • I just had a quick peep in the mirror.
      Only one eye is bullfroggy now.
      So, am now a lopsided bullfrog.
      Think I shall stay out of the public eye today.
      Could scare small kids.

  4. Like Nancy says, it takes time to process the sorrow; it will slowly improve and soon you will be able to talk about her and laugh instead of leaking.
    Enjoy dinner with your friend and I’m sure you will talk and cry about Jasmine…..get it out, it’s a good thing.

    • We had supper and I tried not to cry…she is a sympathy crier…so it does help when you have to think of someone else.

  5. You have started to climb out of the misery pit. It will get better every day.
    Bon courage

    • Thanks Viv. Am feeling a lot better now.
      Still hear her panting at my door.
      Might just be going a little crazy!

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