Posted by: granny1947 | October 24, 2015

Granny is back….I think.

2015_1003potholes0018Hello All.

Yes, it really is me.
I was horrified to see I have not posted for three months.
I really don’t know why.
A lot of the time because I was just so busy.
But, that is no excuse.
When I was in Cape Town I worked full day.
And I posted every single day.
OK…I have been very involved with the old people.
But still…not really an excuse.

The above pic is of two Plover eggs(now three).
Hopefully, soon to be new residents.
I love the Plovers.
Such ferocious little birds and SO protective.

Oh for crying in a bucket.
Why can’t I get my writing UNDER the pic?

It is taking ages to download photos.
I wonder if this is because I have now got Windows10?

I am not sure Windows10 was a good idea.
My Google Chrome kept freezing.
So I had to take it off and am now using Edge.
Hmmm…anyone else find the photos are taking ages?
Maybe it is just my computer.
Slowing down like me.

Back to the picture.
Came across this guy crossing the road two days ago.
I took two photos but I was shaking so much the first one was a blur.
I believe there are plenty of them around now that the weather is warming up.
My eyeballs are getting plenty of exercise, swivelling from side to side.

Someone along the road found a huge puffadder in his back garden this week.
I now  inspect the garden before letting Jasmine out.
The guy who plants the grass in the complex was telling me that Puffadders can get in low windows.
Stupidly, I told Mex.
We now have NO windows open at night!!!

It is a pity I was shaking so much.
But the time I got to taking the second shot a large portion of the snake was in the grass.
I would have loved to have shown you the whole thing.
Much as I love you all I was not about to go into the grass to get a better shot.

Well, I do hope I have broken the ice and got over my lurgy.

See you all soon.





  1. If I may suggest go to Firefox as your search engine. I do have another laptop that is on Microsoft 10 and not impressed at all. For the rest I use my Mac and have never looked back. Good to see you again.

    • Thanks Newsy. Good to be back.

  2. For crying in a bucket. A late friend of mine, a Shropshire lass who had lived in South Africa, used to say that and I’ve never heard it from anyone else. Has she come back to haunt me?

    I don’t envy you your puff adder.

    • Gosh Viv, I have never given it much thought. Don’t know if it is all that common here either. Just know I have always used it.

  3. I love Plovers and our community hall in the Village is called Plover Hall. They are quite cheeky, but some of them will come close to you when called.
    I shiver at the thought of having Puff adders close by. I’d also keep the windows closed or put up some sort of screen.
    Don’t feel bad about the absenteeism because I’m guilty of the same.

    • Hi Pussycat…I am about to go out and brave the snakes and the elements again. The wind is howling but Jasmine does not seem to mind. She has conveniently forgotten that we have already had a walk today!

  4. So good to see you back again, Granny! I’ve been thinking about you and wondering how you’re doing – hoping all is fine and you’re just having such a riotously good time that you had no room in your life for blogging! I refuse to download Windows 10, too many people have had their computers crash and other major issues with it. They’re after me with constant reminders though, which are getting stronger; I imagine one day they’ll just force it on me. Can’t accuse Microsoft of being fair or democratic…or making sure their product actually works… 😉

    • Hi RD… fabulous times but I am just fine. Thanks for caring.

  5. Welcome back!
    Glad Jasmine is still enjoying your time and attention.

    Don’t you have screens in the windows to keep out unwanted critters, like SNAKES?

    • Thanks NR…screens might just be a good idea…will have to run it by Mex.

  6. We call our plovers, Killdeer here in Ohio. They are cheeky little things. I know what you mean about losing 3 months. I have been absent a lot from my blog as well. I thought when I retired, I would have more time! Wrong! Snakes. Not my favorite.

    • Hi there 50’s…welcome. How interesting, I didn’t know about Killdeer. I wonder why they are called that? I can’t blame retirement. I will be working till I drop!

      • Not sure where the name came from. I recognized the eggs in the picture. I know the killdeer is from the plover family. Does your plover do the “broken-wing” dance to protect its nest?

      • Yes, they go quite ballistic.

  7. Nice to see you! I’m glad I don’t have to check our garden for snakes… eek!

    • It makes life quite interesting!!!

  8. I have been wondering where you were! We used to have killdeer in the grass across from our house and they were quite dramatic. I felt sorry for them the way they ran around screaming like chicken little. Oh my gosh you know how I feel about snakes! Poor Mex I don’t blame him with the windows.

    • I am a fatalist….I want the windows open!!!

      • That is just not the way I want to go. 🙂

      • Apparently, Puffadders won’t attack unless you stand on them….I want to believe that.

      • Ha ha! unless you stand on them! Well that is crazy. Oh my but if you get out of bed in the middle of the night not knowing there is one right beside your bed then you would accidentally stand on one!!!

      • Thank you so much!!! I had not thought of that. NOW I will!!!

      • Just looking out for you! 🙂

  9. Oh Good Grief – I would have run a mile!!!!!!!
    Glad you back!

    • Hi MissChris….think I am too old to run these days!!!!

  10. I feel so much less guilty now knowing that you’ve been missing in action too. 🙂 Here in Bangalore , in the neighbourhood I live, lots of snakes roam around too. My daughter gets panicky if I leave the doors open, which I like to do. But I guess caution is the best part of valour as they say. Don’t tempt them adders, Granny.

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