Posted by: granny1947 | July 21, 2015

Granny is in the dog box…again


Hello All.

I have picked a photo taken on a nice warm day.
Hoping it would make me feel warmer.
It hasn’t.

Jasmine started bouncing around at her normal walking time.
I had to take her to the door and show her it was raining.
Now she is sulking on her bed.
I can’t wait to get into MY bed.

I am not enjoying my trip to work in the mornings.
Pitch dark and raining.
And, we have rain forecast right through to Sunday.
The trip down the highway is bad enough but the road to my office is the pits.
Most of the street lights are not working.
There are buses and trucks and taxies.
Whoever designed the traffic lanes was either drunk or squint.
The lanes wander all over the place.
There are a couple of nasty potholes.
They have not painted the white lines since Pa fell off the bus.
You often have to drive by memory.
On the upside I am wide awake by the time I have navigated the three or so kilometres.

I am taking my Mom to the doctor on Thursday.
She is starting to lose the plot.
She repeats herself all the time.
She has always been an intelligent person but now she is getting things all wrong.
I fear that she has the onset of dementia.
My poor Stepdad.
He is also very worried about her.
Today I discovered that she has been buying sleeping tablets every week.
I have had to phone the chemist and ask him not to supply her anymore for the next three months.

Mex and I went up the new shopping mall this afternoon.
We bought two packets of candied dry fruit.
I have eaten almost a whole packet.
What can I say, it is cold.
I like them.
A good thing I have stocked up on toilet paper.
I have a feeling I am going to need it.



  1. winter, winter, winter – then we are silly enough to moan about the heat

    • I know…we are never happy!

  2. A parent losing their ability to think clearly has to be one of the most difficult things to deal with – both for you and for them. I’m noticing some changes in my mother’s thinking as well, but she’s so ornery and mean that I’m certainly not going to be the one to tell her. The last time a doctor told her something negative, she ripped into him, left, and screamed about him for weeks. The mean part is nothing new, but the forgetfulness and odd thought processes are. Maybe in your mom’s case, the sleeping pills are affecting her mind and maybe that can be reversed once she goes off them. Hopefully… Good luck with the doctor visit!

  3. Nothing like a good ole fruit flush..dry or fresh….lol. Sorry about your mom…maybe some of it could be the after effects of those sleeping pills….they make u tummy and lethargic after all….sending sunny and warm thoughts to you….

  4. Cold rainy wet weather is so dismal and dreary . . . unless I’m curled up inside with an afghan and a good book. Sorry you have to navigate in the dark every morning . . . that would make me want to hide out under the covers. Sorry your mom is losing the plot. It’s hard to watch our parents on the downhill slope.

  5. Good luck with you mom – a horrid thing, however, in saying that – how the hell can the chemist dispense sleeping tablets once a week????

    I was in your neck of the woods a month ago for a funeral and we went to that new shopping centre (it was not quite finished yet) but wow I saw a different side of PE that I never knew existed (we came from Sherwood side).

    Stay warm!

    • Gosh if I had only known. We are in the last complex on the left going to the mall. About half a km from the circle. You could have come for coffee.

      • I will definitely do so when I am there next!
        Where are you???? You have been quiet for too long – hope all ok?

  6. the miserable weather doesn’t help much does it. although Jasmine on the beach brightened my morning. Best of luck with Mum 🙂

    • Thanks so much Ruth…tomorrow could be inetresting.

  7. Poor you, but poor Mum too – I’m getting to the forgetting stage too, and keep exercising my brain in the hope of keeping it on the straight andnarrow.

  8. Hope you didn’t need tooo much of that toilet paper! Sorry about your mum – it must be very difficult.

  9. How are you doing, Granny? I miss your posts!

  10. Hello Granny, hope you are well and your Mum to 🙂

  11. All the best with your mum. Really tough.

    • Thanks so much Sarsm.

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