Granny and so it goes on.


Hello All.

Bloody Eskom.
Our power provider.
We are on stage two load shedding today.
We go off from one until three.
AND, again from seven to nine.
Guess who will be having a very early night tonight?
All because they are incompetent.
At least they are not awarding themselves huge performance bonuses this year.
Unlike last year when their performance was equally dismal.
The only thing they know how to do is to ask for more money.
End of rant.

On the upside the sun is shining.
It is not very warm but  the sun gives the illusion of warmth.
Mex and I have just come back from taking Jasmine for a nice long walk.
To make up for the one she didn’t have yesterday.
I had my eyes peeled for snakes basking in the sun.
Fortunately, there weren’t any.
But, I am sure loads of beady eyes were watching us.
It would have been nice to get a photo of one.
Using the zoom!

We made two huge pizzas last night so we will be having it again for supper.
I will happily eat the same thing two nights running if I don’t have to cook.
Come to think of it, I could probably eat the same thing all week.

15 responses to “Granny and so it goes on.”

  1. The load shedding must be a pain in the neck. Never having heard that phrase until you used it, I am sure I heard it mentioned here the other day, because we might have some power shortages due to the wind turbines not working at full capacity (apparently it might not be windy enough this year to keep them working – but it’s pretty breezy here today). We’ve not had planned power cuts since the mid 1970s (I think).

  2. I never heard of load shedding either. I think if power companies here tried to turn residential power off for even fifteen minutes – let alone two hours twice a day – there’d be protests and screams heard all the way to your house. But it’s always a good day when you don’t have to cook!

  3. Load shedding is what we lived through during WWII – but there weren’t so many electrical gadgets the. We also had two years of power cuts in Seychelles – two hours on two hours off, and unscheduled ones if ever I managed to acquire some meat to roast!

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