Posted by: granny1947 | July 18, 2015

Granny and water, water everywhere.


Hello All.

The picture says it all.
Cold, wet and miserable.
Let’s not talk about the wet dog poop on the lawn.
Yes, let’s NOT talk about it.

Somewhere I read that our city has the second best climate in the world.
I think the universe shifted when we made the (wrong) decision to move here.
Our first winter it rained for three solid months.
Well, it FELT like three solid months.
Roads were washed away.
Traffic was horrendous because of all the closed routes.

I think the second winter was ok but last summer we had the ceiling fan going all night.
For a temperate climate we had some real weather extremes.
We are not geared up for cold like this.
We have tiled floors in the lounge and kitchen.
Mex will not invest in rugs until Jasmine is no more.
He cannot bear the thought of all her hair.
And, she DOES shed.
But, she can’t help it.

She wanted to go out this morning.
I opened the door and it was pouring.
She stuck her nose out and nearly got whiplash pulling it back in.
She has not agitated to go for a walk.
She is an intelligent dog.

Mex has prepared pizzas for supper.
I just have to pop them in the oven.
I am starving.
Cold weather does that to me.

Hopefully, the sun is going to shine tomorrow.
And it will dry up the poop we are not going to talk about.


  1. Long underwear and fuzzy slippers……stay warm….

  2. We need rain in Gauteng, badly! Keep warm and dry.

    • Think we have had enough to spare some for you guys

  3. We could use a LOT of that!
    When Jasmine wants to go where does she go?

    • She rushes out into the garden and back.

      • Does she add the reproachful ‘Why do you put me through this?’ look?

      • Oh absolutely. She has it down to a T.

  4. YUCK! Rainy days are OK when interspersed with brilliant sun. Cold rainy days are best avoided. Glad you got dinner ready to go.

    • Today the sun is shining. What a pleasure.

  5. here is the plan,,,,pack up, move out , sell it and move back from whence ye came. You were happy there and a lot healthier….. seriously tho I am sorry that you are having such poo days…..

    • We could never get a house for the price we paid here in Cape Town. Also, can’t leave the old people now.

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