Posted by: granny1947 | July 7, 2015

Granny says bugger.



Hello All.

An old picture of Jasmine.
On MY beach.
Those were the days.

Today was an interesting day.
I had just got home from work when I got a call from my Stepdad.
To say my Mom had fallen in the kitchen and he couldn’t get her up.
I rushed round and between the two of us we couldn’t get her up either.
My back is going to complain tomorrow.
Wait…it is already telling me I was an idiot to try.
I managed to get my brother on the phone and he rushed home about twenty minutes later.
He is a pretty strong dude.
He got behind her and got her up in one lift.
She really needs to lose weight.
Or move into a place with frail care.

Then I rushed home to go to the heart specialist with Mex.
Apparently he has an irregular heart beat.
He goes in in about three weeks for shock treatment.
I didn’t think they did that nowadays.
Oh wait, that could be mental patients.
He also said Mex shouldn’t drink.
Not that he drinks very much.
So we are looking for a second opinion.
From a Scottish doctor who will say a glass of Whiskey is fine!

Seriously, I was a bit concerned.
I have lost one husband from heart problems.
Not going through that again.

The specialist also asked me if Mex ever stops breathing at night.
How would I know?
I put my head on my pillow and go out like a light.
Now I shall have to listen.
He DID wake me last night because he was having a bad dream.
And whimpering.
But he stopped so I left him.
Normally, I wake him before the monsters catch up with him.



  1. I have had arrhythmia and bradycardia for more than 20 years and I’m still here. I have 4 stents, a pacemaker and have had the shock treatment. Still here, so stop worrying. A glass of red wine keeps the arteries open!

    • Ahhhhh…the voice of reason!!!

  2. If its not one thing then its another…trouble seems to follow you around…If its any compensation I have a heart that regularly misses a beat but having got to 76 I am not going to worry about it now..its been there all these years so it can carry on a bit longer. Mex will be alright, so stop worrying….lovely pic of Jasmine…i wish you were back on your beach, you were happy there

    • Hi Patrecia…I don’t know…the trouble is with other people not me!!!!!

  3. I know a lot of people with irregular heartbeats – my aunt was diagnosed with the same thing years ago and she’s 92 today, a smoker for over 70 years, has a glass of red wine almost every day, eats whatever she wants and is still going strong. She was never told to get shock treatments, but she takes a baby aspirin daily along with one other pill. I’m hoping the next doctor you go to will give you peace of mind and a better suggestion. Sorry to hear about your mom falling, she’s lucky she didn’t break any bones or dislocate her hip, that would have been awful. Hoping to hear better news!

    • Hi RD…we aren’t really going to another doctor…my weird sense of humour!

  4. So we are looking for a second opinion.
    From a Scottish doctor who will say a glass of Whiskey is fine!

    ~ That’s the Spirit! 😛

    • Hehehe…it is the spirit that is worrying him.

  5. *shock* This time, you were satisfied to leave him after the monsters had caught up?
    When your Stepdad says, ‘Come and pick up your mother,’ he doesn’t mean take her for a ride in the car, that’s for sure!

    • I phoned my mother later and asked how she had survived the trip.
      She didn’t get it!

      • And if she had, she probably wouldn’t have appreciated it!

      • What can I say…my sense of humour is often suspect.

  6. Oh dear! Hope your mom is okay now. I couldn’t help laughing at Col’s comment. 😀

    • Just love his sense of humour.

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