Posted by: granny1947 | June 26, 2015

Granny is cold and lazy


Hello All.

Yes, I am cold and lazy.
The cold is unusual.
The lazy not so much.

They switched off our power from eight until ten last night.
So we had an early night.
I am sure there is going to be a population explosion because of these power cuts.
Not from me!!!!
Like we really NEED more people here…..

At seven o’clock our scaly pres addressed the nation about the Marikana massacre.
I don’t know if you guys overseas saw much about it.
34 striking miners were gunned down by the police.
It was dreadful.
However, there was blame on several fronts.
The unions egged their members on.
The miners had killed a few people prior to the shooting.
The miners were armed with all sorts of weapons.
The police attacked and many people were shot in the back.
A horrendous mess all round.

There was a commission of enquiry which determined all of the above.
They have recommended that the police commissioner be axed.
I have to agree.
She is hopeless and devious.
I stand to be corrected but I think she was appointed by Zuma.
If she was it was ANOTHER bad decision he has made.
One of many.
How do you appoint someone to that position with NO prior police experience.
She was doomed to fail.
It will be interesting to see if she gets a golden handshake.
Wait….she has messed up.
She is now eligible to be our next deputy president.



  1. Maybe that’s the big test for moving up in that government – mess up badly enough and they know you’re ready for a higher office. 😉

    • Oh yes RD….you can’t get in unless you have a record.

  2. Maybe this police lady can be sent to the Sudan. It’s cold in Joburg, too, especially in the mornings and nights, but no rain 😦

  3. I love that photo! Sorry to hear about the massacre – what a waste of lives.

    • I know Elaine…sign that our government has lost the plot.

  4. Hello Granny, I’ve not been on here for 3 years, but just to let you know I am still following. I have our blog posts delivered to my email inbox. My, how time passes!

    • My goodness Cynth….why don’t you blog anymore. Am so pleased you still follow me though I have been pretty quiet lately too.

      • Life just keeps getting in the way. And I lost heart with all of my writing, don’t know why. Since I retired I have failed at every goal I set myself, and I had such high hopes. I think I feel that my own life doesn’t really matter much any more. No-one is really interested in what I think or feel, just if I am available to have the grandkids or run someone to a hospital appointment.
        Enough moaning. I’m lucky to be alive. And I still have my uses. At least I don’t have to worry about snakes when I walk the dogs!

      • I know just how you feel Cynth. You set yourself a goal and then think “what the hell”. Thank heavens I still work or I would probably veg on my bed all day with a book. I started a short story with great enthusiasm and then it just went poof!!!!

  5. The title should’ve read “granny is sad and sarcastic!”. I think I’ve kind of stopped trying to figure out why things happen the way they do. Thereis no guarantee of changing anything beyond one’s own self. May be that is the beginning.

    Coming this way after a longish hiatus again. But I so enjoy your writings and is the first blog I visit whenever I stay off for long. Hugs to you Gran 🙂

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