Posted by: granny1947 | June 20, 2015

Granny gets an eyeful


Hello All.

This was my brother on Wednesday.
You can see why I was concerned.
To put it mildly.

This was him yesterday.
A vast improvement.


I have to say one thing.
If I looked like that and someone pointed a camera at me….
I would strangle them with my drip.
Point a camera at Tim, and he smiles. 🙂

Apparently, he has infected sinuses.
I had no idea your sinuses could affect you so badly.

The trip to Grahamstown was not fun.
I was so pleased my friend from next door came with me.
The road is good but there are an unbelievable number of huge trucks and busses.
We got back close to eleven and dropped the kids at my folks.

I got up yesterday and ended up in tears.
Mex had to help me put my jeans on.
Somehow I think I got a pinched nerve.
My right leg was killing me.
I picked up the kids at six.
I don’t know what my step grandson’s girlfriend thought of me.
Every time  I had to put my foot on the brake I swore.
Long and loud.
Thank God for painkillers.
They kicked in shortly after I got to work.
The leg is much better today.

I popped in to visit Tim on the way home and then went to the folks and cooked them some lunch.
Got home and took Jasmine for a walk.
Then fell on my bed and had a nap.
Made supper and fell back into bed.
Slept till five when Jasmine woke me asking for her breakfast.

Today promises to be a little busy.
Have to go to the hospital to take Tim a change of clothes.
Tonight my cousin and his wife are coming to supper.
Am going to make something easy.
Am looking forward to seeing them.
Love them both.



  1. Am Happy that brother is so much better BUT have you been to doctor with your bad leg…I bet not

    • Don’t be silly P. It is much better today. He will just tell me it is an age thing anyway!

      • well you could get legless and be lopsided xxx you have not got to ‘the age thing yet’

  2. Busy couple of days for you. No wonder your leg wanted a break from the brake!

  3. What a busy day for you! I’m glad your brother’s eyes are improving.

    • Thanks Elaine…and now the meat seems so tough…oh dear.

  4. You’re an amazing woman, Kathy. Most people can’t do as much as you did *without* having pinched nerve pain. I’m glad to see your brother is doing so much better. I have a friend who’s prone to sinus infections but she’s never swelled up like that. Enjoy your dinner and visit! 🙂

    • Thanks RD…it went well.

    • I have been over to your post….where have you been??? Is everyhting ok?

      • Yes we’re all okay – thanks so much for your concern! 🙂 I’ve been over-the-top busy for several weeks now and have only been able to comment here and there on a few blogger buddies’ posts, but I haven’t had a chance to get one of my own up. I’m trying to squeeze one in this week or next.

      • As long as you are ok. I know the feeling!!!

  5. now i suffer with the old sinus, but no where near like this. it must have been so paintul

    • I think it was but it is fine now…gave us a fright though.

  6. Nice that you brother is feeling better. Sounds like a nasty sinus infection. Wish you all the best.

    • Thank you so much Otto. I certainly did not know that sinus could cause such terrible swelling.

  7. Hope he is much better now and I hope you had a lovely time with your cousins. You rock lady !!:-)

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