Posted by: granny1947 | June 17, 2015

Granny has a day and a half.


Hello All.

I am not doing the challenge today.
It has been too hectic.
Or tomorrow.
Tomorrow promises to be even more busy.

The pic is of our next door neighbour’s two pups.
Why doesn’t WP like the way I have spelled neighbour???
I am sure that is how it is spelled in this country.

Today started off quite normally.
Normal for me, anyway.
At about nine I got a call from my Mom saying my brother’s face was all swollen and he was in pain.
They had an appointment for him at eleven but they were not happy about him driving.
Thank God for my understanding boss.
I picked up my brother and was, secretly, horrified at what I saw.
He look as if he had ten rounds with Mike Tyson.

His forehead was all swollen and his eyes were almost swollen shut.
He was sweating profusely.
Which was strange because it was cold and miserable.
The doctor took one look at him and go hold of his neurosurgeon.
And booked him into hospital.
My brother has had a brain tumour.
My first thought was that it had resurfaced.
But, the doc thinks it might be an infection of the forehead area,
Anyway, they are going to do blood tests and scans etc.

It took two frigging hours to get him admitted to hospital.
His medical aid did not answer the phone when the hospital tried to get authorisation.
Resolution Medical Aid… suck.

I have been back to my folks and packed all his medication.
And a change of clothes.
I shall pop in to see him on my way home from work.
THEN…. I have something else to do.
I have to drive through to Grahamstown tomorrow night.
To pick up my step grandson and his girlfriend.
It is about an hour and a half from here.
I have to bring them back here and they will spend the night with my folks.
Then, on Friday, I have to pick them up at six in the morning to drop them at the airport.
I am underwhelmed.

To my darling son.
I don’t know if you read my blog.
If you do…please remember….I am no longer a spring chicken.
I am only doing this because I love you.
Momma is OLD!!!

And, now, I am going to have supper.
And hit my bed.
Tomorrow is going to be a LONG day.




  1. aww – be nice to yourself my friend. Hope your brother gets to feeling better and the swelling goes down soon. Hogs and snout kisses. XOXO – Bacon

    • Awww…thanks so much Bacon.

  2. You really are having a horrible time. But what goes round comes round, so be sure your day will come. I hope the news of your brother is better tomorrow.

    • PS WP is American, and the US doesn’t like the letter u. Can’t think why not.

      • It is not really horrible Viv…only if one lets it gets to you. I am fine.

  3. wow wow and more wow….poor brother ..I do hope that he will be ok.
    You certainly do live your life at full speed even though you don’t intend to.. I would say slow down but from reading your post you have no time to slow down.
    Try to take it a bit easier otherwise you will have blood pressure problem

    • Hi Patrecia… While they were taking my brothers pressure I asked them to do mine…all is good!!!
      It is almost weekend.
      I just have to do wages tomorrow, see to my brother and get to Grahamstown and back in one piece.

  4. and neighbour is spelt correctly but as WP is American that is why they query it cos they spell it neighbor

  5. OMG I hope they can help your brother quickly, he must be so uncomfortable (understatement). How does one get an infection in the forehead?? I’d like to know so I can avoid it!!

    I was dreading my day tomorrow until I read about yours – yikes! But I know you’ll get through it in Glorious Granny style. 🙂

    • Hi RD…wht were you dreading your day? What have I missed. Hope all is ok.

  6. Here’s hoping that you continue to work your magic, Kathy.

    • Hi NR…Hmmm magic…wonder if I can cast spells?

  7. Ah man what a time of it you are having!!
    Hope all is good with your brother and sterkte for you!!

    • Thanks MissChris…will blog about my boet just now.

  8. hope the patient is doing well. And my goodness those pups are adorable

    • Aren’t they lovely Ruth…especially the Jackie..a small dog with a big attitude.

  9. It’s amazing how much you pack into one day and still have lots of humour left to write about it in this entertaining style.! Hats off to you !

    • Thank you my friend…great to see you back.

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