Posted by: granny1947 | June 16, 2015

Granny and day four.


Hello All.

Yes, the last day of the long weekend.
I don’t know what happened to day two and three.
They just flew by.
My days have been long.
Jasmine does not understand holidays.
She has woken me up at five every morning.
I suppose if I only ate once a day I would be waking up the entire complex.

Well, my paintings are back on the wall.
As are Mex’s mirrors and his mosaic clock.
My books are in the bookcase where they belong.
And all that ruddy glass stuff  is back in the display cabinet.
Where it shall stay until I kick the bucket.
And my kids can have the job of sorting it all out.
Unless I win the lottery.
In which case I might consider moving it just one more time.
When I move into the cottage I shall build where I can watch the waves breaking on the rocks.
While I sit on the deck with a glass of wine in my hand.
One has to have a dream.


Mex put up this blind in the kitchen on Sunday.
It took him umpteen trips to decide which one he wanted.
Spending a fortune on gas to find the cheapest one.
We are so different.
The blind is not to keep the sunlight out.
It is there so he can watch what is going on outside without being seen.
I find that slightly creepy!

I have been challenged to post a photo with a story for five days.
Posting the photo is not a problem.
The story might be a different kettle of fish.

In other news our government broke the law and let a guy wanted for crimes to humanity out of the country.
Despite a court order to the contrary.
Our government has sunk to a new low.
Don’t think they can go any lower.
They won’t let the Dalai into the country.
But they protect someone who is responsible for killing hundreds of thousands of people.
I repeat……..



  1. Watch it Granny: he’ll be coming for you next.

    So Mex is a net curtain twitcher? Does he see anything interesting?

    Well done for making order out of chaos.

    • No Viv…I don’t think he does…mostly builders doing their building thing.

  2. Glad to hear that the house is getting back to normality…Mex with his peepy that the truth?
    I also have a glass cabinet that house glass bells and other precious things but it never gets dusted unless we move house.
    Of course you can find something to talk about..lets face it…when have you ever been short on can rant about Zuma, that will keep you going for ages.. What a criminal he is!
    I just got back from Bucharest after seeing Andre Rieu it was wonderful….
    love to u all xxx (but not Zuma)

    • Ooooo…I love him…lucky you. I’ll pass your message onto Zuma!!!

  3. Glad to hear your home is finally sorted! I’ll bet that’s a big weight off your mind. Never say a dirty politician or government can’t get any lower – they ALWAYS find a way. Unfortunately.

    • Ours is digging their way to China!

  4. Glad things are returning to a more even keel, KL! Hope Peeping Mex enjoys a blind eye’s view of the neighborhood behind his shades ~ I use sunglasses to spy on people unseen. 😎

  5. Looking good, granny. As long as Mex is happy, you can relax with a good book. 🙂

  6. I agree that the daily doings of Zuma and his cluster of cronies make one deeply ashamed of being South African.
    Oh well, I still have the waves seen breaking on rocks while I relax on a deck with a drink scene – last evening during a braai with neighbours whose daughter and R travel to school together. I will be posting some pics of their evening view some time,

  7. It’s good to read that your home getting sorted out at last, Granny, even thwhen ugh you’ve had to compromise on the ceiling. Our government is a cause for concern too ~ there are huge demonstrations planned for London this weekend. It’ll be interesting to see if anything good comes out of all the unrest.

  8. *even though….(I really am getting fed up with autocorrect!)

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