Posted by: granny1947 | June 13, 2015

Granny and day one.


Hello All.

Yes, Tuesday is a holiday so the boss decided to close on Monday.
We all had to put in for one day’s leave but I will just knock off four hours from my overtime.
Four days at home.
Life is good.
The weather forecast is looking good too.
Except for Tuesday.
I must just make sure I have a good book and a warm blanket on Tuesday.

Fathers day on Sunday.
What a commercial racket.
And I get sucked into the madness.
My stepdad says he just wants two hankies.
Will have to get something more than that.
No idea what.
I will be trudging around the shops later today.
When I asked him what he wanted he said “love”
Well, he gets that 365 days a year.

Have just checked the load shedding schedule.
If they do stage one we have already missed it.
However, if they go to stage two it will be a different story.
Ten to twelve thirty and again from six to eight thirty.
The last one is crappy.
We will either have to eat very early or very late.
Mex will stress out having to decide which one he wants.
I am convinced Eskom is blackmailing us.
They want LOTS more money.
So they can give their inefficient staff loads more money.

Have a super weekend.



  1. or maybe buy some reliable equipment with the money. You get lots of sun -how about installing some photovoltaic panels?

    • We have a solar panel for the geyser but the other stuff to actually generate electricity is very expensive.

  2. Load shedding is cr@p. Next week my area is scheduled to go off from 6pm to 10.30pm for 5 days in a row.
    Hankies are so yesteryear. Buy some warm socks to go with them.

    • When you are in your 92nd year, yesteryear is this year!

  3. Aaah the prospect of 4 days is wonderful granny. Enjoy them. Loadshedding is awful at the moment. And they change it as and when they want to. And it IS expensive. It is also causing a lot of issues with blown elements in microwaves tvs fridges stoves computers etc. We hear stories every day. Yesterday the MRI machines at one of the top hospitals wouldn’t work when the electricity kicked out and the generators kicked in and had to be sorted out. I hope you meant next Sunday is Fathers Day not tomorrow…’s on the 21st. Sending loads of love from sunny but chilly FH xx

    • Thank heavens you told me, my friend. I was convinced it was tomorrow!!!

  4. Maybe your stepdad would enjoy some favorite “consumables” ~ my dad loved getting Deluxe Mixed Nuts.

  5. Can I ask what loadshedding is? Is it something to do with the power to the house?

    • Yes Elaine…they switch off our power so they can save electricity. They are trying to catch up on maintenance they should have been doing for the last twenty years!!!

      • Sometimes we have planned power cuts if essential maintenance needs to be done, but that is very rare. Our power cuts are usually when road works are being done and they cut through the mains supply cable by mistake!

  6. I was amazed when our daughter showed me how to upload the loadshedding app to my iPhone. Seems like it’s a fixture in SA for the foreseeable future. 😦 Beautiful photo. xx

    • Hi AD…that is a great app. I read somewhere that this is going to continue until 2020!!!!!!

  7. I agree with you about the whole commercial thing, it goes completely against my grain. I asked my family to stop with Mother’s Day gifts several years ago; I consider our wonderful relationship daily gifts that never stop giving. Physical gifts are just excessive to me and I hate the whole idea of stressing over gifts. My father then also asked to stop getting him gifts, so I bake him a couple of his favorite breads and ship them to him, which he appreciates more than anything I could buy him. Have a wonderful four-day break!

    • My break is almost over…going into the garden to sulk and eat worms.

  8. I didn’t know what a load shedding schedule was until I read the comments. We are encouraged to use solar power here and we have installed photo-voltaic panels on the roof of our new house. But the power companies are very bad at reimbursing us for the power fed back into the grid. Well I guess you cant win them all.
    BTW I nominated you for the Five Day Challenge. Go over to my latest post to see what its all about

    • Load shedding is a pain in the proverbial butt.
      It would not be too bad if they planned it properly but they suddenly spring it on you.

  9. Sorry forgot to give you the link to the post –

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