Posted by: granny1947 | June 10, 2015

Granny has short term memory loss.


A flat rainbow!!!

Hello All.

Yes, I had a VERY senior moment.
And I feel simply dreadful.
I have a lovely blogger friend called Pussycat.
She phoned me a month ago to say she would be here last weekend.
Could we meet at the airport for breakfast and a good catch-up.
I was thrilled.
She phoned me a week before the time to remind me.
And I put it on my phone.

On the Friday night Mex and I went to a live show.
And I put my phone off.
More about the show in a minute.
When I switched it on I never noticed I had no signal.
It was only when my cousin phoned me in the afternoon and asked why my phone was off that I realised something was wrong.
I took the battery out and put it back.
And up came a message to say Robyn was at the airport.

I have phoned her and grovelled.
But, I will do it again.
I am so, so, sorry my friend.
Please forgive me.

In my defence the carpet people came around on Saturday morning to do the carpets AGAIN.
I spent the first couple of hours of the morning helping Mex move the furniture out of the two bedrooms.
Believe it not they STILL have not done them properly.
Does no-one have pride in their work anymore?
We have given up.
Mex has also given up on the ceiling.
He has run out of oomph.
We are going to settle for downlights.
Hide the problem.


Back to the show.
It was quite an experience.
One that I don’t think I want to repeat.
We went to watch a black comedian.
One that I watch on TV and really like.
He can be very funny.

The show was supposed to start at eight.
At 8:25 people were still streaming in!!!
This is what is called “African Time”
Then, through the entire show people were walking in and out.
Very distracting.
Think they must have been drinking litres of beer.
And it needed to leave the building.
Given that we had arrived at a quarter to eight.
And it was cold.
And the seats were uncomfortable.
I was NOT a happy Granny.
At twenty to ten he said “thanks for being here” jumped off the stage and out the door.
When we drove past the airport a plane was just taking off.
I think he must have been on it.
Oh well, one lives and learns.

Life has been a bit hectic.
I am working seven hours instead of four.
Visiting the folks.
Doing the shopping.
Walking Jasmine.
Picking up dog poop and cooking supper.
And, falling into bed at eight.
Am feeling my age.
Just a bit.



  1. oh poor Robyn..yes you must grovel bigtime..send her flowers or something not that it would make up for missing her visit ….on the plus side you have been very busy (no excuse)
    I am sure that Robyn will forgive you because with a lovely name like that she must be a lovely person.
    naughty Granny!
    As long as your ceiling does not fall down, just call it an antiquity , nobody will know…but do not spend all you time worrying about it

    • Hi Patrecia….I am not worrying about the ceiling..I leave that to Mex…my neck is too sore to look up!!! I am sure Robyn will forgive me…I hope!!!

      • I got sore neck to so I am getting a neck collar

      • I find honey and cinnamon help sore joints.

  2. Oh, poor Granny. I sympathise, because I have the same kind of memory lapses. Your idea for downlighters should work well.

    • Hi Viv…hope it does the trick…really want to get back to normal.

  3. Sounds like you’re having one of those periods of time where things pile up; I like to think I’m getting all the crummy stuff out of the way at once so there’ll be clear sailing for a little while, at least. 🙂 I’m sure Robyn understands – we all have those uber-senior moments!

    • Hi RD…I STILL feel bad about it…sigh

  4. I hope Robyn forgives you your senior moment ~ with all that’s been happening (and not happening), it’s no wonder that a few loose wisps of memory drifted away from your grasp.

    The show sounds awful. One reason why I prefer watching movies at home with fewer distractions.

    • Hi NR…she says she will forgive me in ten years!!!!

  5. Poor Granny and I am sure Robyn will forgive you If she is your friend she is compassionate and caring.

    • She is lovely which makes it all that worse.

  6. No more grovelling, Granny ~ clearly you just weren’t meant to go to the airport. I’m sure Robyn understands! 🙂

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