Posted by: granny1947 | May 28, 2015

Granny is spitting snakes…and other things

Hello All.

Before I even go to look at yesterday’s comments I need to have a rant.

For my overseas friends, the above picture is the PRIVATE residence of our illustrious president.
R260 MILLION rand was spent on upgrading his home.
Ostensibly for security purposes.
Like a huge swimming pool and cattle kraal.
Amongst other things.

Our public protector said he should pay back some of the money.
He ignored her.
He got the minister of police to do a report.
The minister HE appointed.

It has just come onto twitter that the Police Minister says he does not have to pay back any money.
We all expected this.
The minister of police likes his job and his seat on the gravy train.

I just have this to say to Zuma.
Mr. Zuma you think you have won.
You are probably sitting there giggling.
But, Mr. Zuma you have actually lost.
You have lost big time.
For once and for all you have proved to your people that you have ….
No integrity.
No honour.
No leadership skills.

You will leave a legacy one day.




  1. Hold it you forgot something – with a “much needed security upgrade” they have admitted what a dangerous country South Africa has become under their governance. Hope you will sleep well and safely tonight.

    • Do you think men in black suits are going to pick me up????

  2. What’s all the noise about? To quote Zuma: “It’s just a house!”

  3. Well said Kathy…you just take care that Pr Zuma does not look on FB and plonk your butt in jail! I would be a character witness for you, and I think you are quiet right in what you say, but be careful where you say it. He does not sound a very nice person and it seems that just a wee bit of pressure placed in the right polace and even Ministers can be made to change their mind.
    I don’t think that there is a country in the world which has a fair upfront, transparent government..just look at Cameron in UK, already getting cold feet over Human Rights and the EU..but I will say that your man tops the lot.
    He is greedy, malicious, power crazy, lazy and got his job by bribery and corruption…
    If only more people said what they feel, but also be aware of the danger

    thats the end of my rant…lots of love

    • What a lovely comment.
      One would swear you live here.
      He reads VERY slowly…think I am safe.

      • I know what its like..I read your blog and others who live in SA, yet my cousin who has lived in Jo for 45 years says its all not true, she must wear blinkers or else it is age

      • I don’t think she reads the newspapers or watches TV or talks to anyone. Just about everyone has been affected in some way or another by crime. My grandson was mugged. Our politicians are an absolute joke…only I am not laughing.

  4. Fortunately I had visitors during that time and I just saw a bit of that bumbling MoP giving his “speech”. The result was to be expected. Damn the man.

    • What can one expect. He is so far up his behind.
      One begins to wonder if there are ANY honourable Mps.

      • I mean ANC guys.

  5. Just in case anyone wonders what part of all that mini-suburb is his humble residence, it should be mentioned that ALL of it is. Reflect that all of that has mysteriously appeared out of no entrepreneurial skills, but simply as a result of political affiliations. That tends to indicate that he has constantly been up for sale.

    • Well said Col……..maybe we will share a cell!

  6. Wow, that’s telling them. Good for you.

  7. Your politicians make our politicians look better! :mrgreen:

    • At least in your country if a politician is found with his fingers in the till he has to get out. Here he gets some cushy job as an ambassador.

  8. I clicked like but really I don’t like hat your ‘elected’ representative can take advantage of his position in this wtay.

    • I know Judith…I didn’t vote for him…so I take no blame!!!

  9. These days I sometime feel offended when watching the news because of the level of insults to my intelligence I see from particularly the ANC. I really think there needs to be an overhaul on the political spectrum on the republic.

    All the ANC veterans are old and still stuck in the past. No revolution was ever led by gogos !!

    • Hi Bobby…thanks for the visit.
      I agree with you.
      The ANC is treating us as if we are all as dumb as Zuma.
      Be careful what you say…I am a gogo. 🙂

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