Posted by: granny1947 | May 27, 2015

Granny is trying to keep up.



Hello All.

I took my Stepdad down to the beachfront for lunch today.
After lunch we parked and watched the sea.
We both love that so much.
I feel replenished.
Sort of.

We are hoping to move back to our house on Friday.
It is not a good day for me.
Month end and all that.
My mate will not be there.
She leaves for a three week holiday in Germany on Friday.
I shall have to go in and work for a couple of hours and then rush home to help with the move.
My back is aching just thinking of it.

I doubt they will be ready for us to move in.
They have to get people in to clean the carpets.
You can just imagine the state of the carpets after the ceiling was removed and all the walls scraped.
Fortunately, there are only carpets in the two bedrooms.
And, they are small.

If Mex finds one more fault I shall throw a wobbly of note.
I think I could get away with murder.
Any woman prosecutor would understand.
I am sure all my blogger friends would vouch for me too.
You would, wouldn’t you?????

Now I had better see to supper.
Having had lunch I am not really interested.
Oh dear.





  1. Why not stage a sit-in if it’s not perfect? Murder is not a good idea, even when justified!

  2. I would definitly vouch for you – you have had to put up with so much. What a saga.
    I love your photo.

  3. Glad you got down to the seaside for some refilling of the well ~ hope your move back home is smoother sailing than the past few months!

    • Read my post today…feel like throwing myself into the sea!!!

  4. A moving tale – that’s just another way of saying ‘horror-story’, isn’t it?

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