Granny huffs and puffs.


Hello All.

Where has the time gone?
I went onto my last post and was horrified to see it was almost a month ago.
In my defense, life has been hectic.

We lived through them taking down the ceiling.
Even though the dust and dirt was horrific.
Mex was exhausted from carrying the TV through to the bedroom every morning.
And carting it back every evening.
Along with all the kitchen stuff.

Then they started stripping all the paint off the lounge walls.
And Mex snapped.
He woke me up at three in the morning saying THAT IS IT.
So I phoned the developer.
And, in my sternest Granny voice, said I wanted to see him.
The man is clever.
Instead of a face to face he arranged for us to move into a show house.

Have you any idea how much work is involved packing up everything you own?
By the time we were in my back had said Howzit.
And next week we will have to do it all over again.
Fortunately, we packed most of our stuff in sealed boxes and only kept out what I thought we would need for three or four weeks.
It is amazing how much you do NOT really need.

The show house has been sold and good luck to the new owners.
The damn place has no insulation yet and is darn chilly.
Even though it has three bedrooms I would not exchange houses.
Ours is in a much better position.
It also has a hell of lot to be done to it.

On a lighter note.
Anyone now what these birds are?
They fly around in big groups.


And, on an even lighter note, Jasmine being terrorized by a Siamese cat.


This is one smart cat.
It knows Jasmine will not hurt him.
It also thinks the complex belongs to him.

I have loads more to tell you but will give you a break for now.


18 responses to “Granny huffs and puffs.”

  1. I hope the break will not be too long. We need to hear all about it regularly;-)
    I can’t believe how long it has taken and I would have complained ages ago.
    Have no idea about the birds, sorry.

  2. A BREAK! you’ve been gone a month ..that is break enough….you have been through the mill a bit haven’t you, but hopefully once it is all done you will be able to settle back into peace and quiet….I can just imagine your Granny voice..( I used to have a Granny look that kept the grandkids in order but it don’t work now..well they are in their 40’s
    Please don’t be away too long, we do miss you

  3. Packing up our stuff when moving must be one of the worst things we all have to do; I hate it – as you must, given how many times you have had to do it since you move in there. Hopefully this will be the last time for you Granny and then you can settle in and actually enjoy your new house.
    No idea what those birds are. Poor Jasmine, crafty, bossy cat.

  4. aha!! thank goodness you back!! was going to send my nephew (a police officer in your town) to go and scout and check you are ok!!! xx

  5. Good to see you again, Granny! I haven’t been able to blog lately either, just too much going on. I hope when you move back into your house it’s perfect and you won’t have any further issues. What an ordeal you’ve been through!

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