Posted by: granny1947 | April 13, 2015

Granny and a ceiling update



Hello All.

I think this will be a post of few words.
The pictures say it all.


I am just sitting here wondering why I bothered to wash my hair this morning.
Or the rest of me for that matter.
I am CHEWING dust.
And God knows what else.

On the upside I can get to my computer.
So sanity prevails.

They are also going to have to repaint the lounge and kitchen.
Which probably won’t happen this week.
The ceiling still has to go in.
And be skimmed.
And have several layers of paint.

I just have one thing to say.
It can just stay that way.



  1. OMW! I don’t envy you at all.

    • I am just trying to ignore the noise and the mess. Takeaways for supper!!!

  2. If it’s not right then, I’d consider changing builders and suing the old ones…

    I feel so sorry for you.

    • Don’t worry Viv…I am fine…a few more days and we should be back to abnormal! I am more worried about your computer!!

  3. NO, NO, if the ceiling is notright it must be put cannot have a wonky would drive you bonkers looking at a wonky ceiling everyday….have you got one of those things they wear in China to prevent breathing the smog…that would help you….will look good when its done

    • Hi P. The battens were all too far apart…hence the waves…am sure it will be better now!

  4. ACK!!! I do not envy you. Keep breathing and repeating, “this too shall pass.”

    • Have been doing that all day NR!!!

  5. Renovations are the worse. I hate them t

    • Tell me about it Cindy.

  6. Renovations are the worse. I hate them too. Sorry granny

  7. Just think about the end result. That is what keeps me going when we do renovations. And eating take-aways is always nice…

  8. Repeat after me, “The new ceiling WILL be perfect, the new ceiling WILL be perfect”.
    Glad you can get to your computer – sanity prevails!

    • It didn’t work Barb…still not right.

      • Oh no, this is unbelievable. So what happens now?

  9. I remember that all too well. I feel for you, my friend. 🙂

  10. Your post made me smile, we have to look on the brighter side of life…I found your blog by chance. And decided to follow

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