Posted by: granny1947 | April 12, 2015

Granny and a bit of this and a lot of that.



Hello All.

Yes, have just come back from a walk with Jasmine.
And a rather large adrenalin rush.
I spotted this guy in the road.
And I froze.
Then I took the picture.
But, I zoomed in.
After a few minutes of pounding heart beats I decided it was dead.
Nevertheless, I gave it a very wide berth.
Just in case it was faking.

This coming week is going to be absolute chaos.
They are coming in to replace the lounge and kitchen ceilings.
I have packed away all the glass stuff in the display cabinet.
Once again I question myself.
Why do I keep it all?

All my books are in boxes.
Some of the furniture is going to be stored in a garage nearby.
They are going to put plastic up between the lounge and the bedrooms.
But the mess is going to be horrific.
They have to get all the insulation out of the ceiling.
It is not the sort you can roll up.
They pump it into the ceiling.

I think we shall be eating takeaways for the next week.

Hopefully, they will finish it in a week.
My granddaughter arrives on the 20th for ten days.
She is chaos all on her own. 🙂
I hope you are reading this my darling.

We got another visitor.


They look more frightening than they are.
I wonder how one cooks them?

The this guy has been visiting now and then.
Does anyone know what he is.
He has pale orange around the butt area.
And he is quite aggressive.
Swoops around and chases all the other birds away.


Still no phone.
I promise as soon as I get one I will be visiting all of you again.
I miss you guys.

To end off,  an African sunset.




  1. An African sunset makes up for all the problems…probably a good idea to give snake a wide berth, you can never tell, he migh just be waiting for you to touch him.
    I do not envy you your week ahead but just try to get over the frustration and think what it will be like when its finished…no more bows, or falling down..perfection.

    Granddaughter coming….enjoy it… ( you know you love it really)
    lots of love…..anymore problems with your eyes

    • Can’t wait for the granddaughter P. Love her so much. Eyes still a bit blurry but am getting used to it. Probably spend too much time on my computer. How are YOU???

      • I am fine, but I am feeling old and I do not want to be old…I ache, my back hurts , my knees hurt and I am tired…other than that I am fine xxxxx enjoy your Granddaughters visit

      • Big spoons of honey with cinnamon…works wonders for aches and pains.

  2. good luck getting the ceiling sorted out.
    i am glad your eyes are improving, bad eyesight is very scary to contemplate

  3. I think he may be a Parktown Prawn. I’ve only seen one once and it was dead.

    • No Adee…that is a locust!!!

  4. I hope “the other side of chaos” arrives in short order so you can enjoy your granddaughter’s visit to the MAX!

  5. Poor you. you have all my sympathy.

    • Thanks Viv…I am fairly calm…Mex is stressing…big time.

  6. Love that sunset. Not so much the locust… 😉 The bird actually LOOKS angry, I’m not surprised he’s aggressive! Sorry to hear about the additional repairs. I know how awful it is – when our ceiling was being repaired after the tree fell through our roof, everything was covered in fine white dust for days until they were done. And then it took three separate full cleanings for me to get rid of it all. Ugh. Enjoy the visit with your granddaughter!

  7. I hope the ceiling work is finished before your granddaughter arrives then you can get to enjoy her with a clear mind.

  8. I sympathise regarding the ceilings – we have ended up by replacing every single one in the house. The mess created is spectacular. At least you won’t be knocking any walls out, and ripping tiles off, and … and … and …

    • Oh wow Col…that must have been horrific. I phoned Mex just now. One very stressed man!!!

      • I can imagine!
        It is still ongoing, for us.

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