Posted by: granny1947 | March 31, 2015

Granny is relieved

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Hello All.

So it is official.
I don’t need a guide dog.
I am a happy granny.
The specialist says my right eye has weakened but my left eye has strengthened.
I still have a bit of jelly floating around in the left eye.
But, I can live with that.
No signs of glucoma.(I don’t know how to spell that)
Am not going to look it up either.
You all know what I mean.

Have had a couple of laughs at Jasmine’s expense.
We always stop to say hello to the Border Collie.
The other day he lifted his leg on the gate and pee’d on her head.
The look of horror on her face was priceless.
She immediately squatted and had a pee as well.

Then, yesterday, she caught sight of a large box in the road.
And she froze.
I have no idea what she thought it was.
I had a real battle to get her to walk towards it.
Maybe she thought it was a really big cat.

Two more days and then four days off for the Easter weekend.

Am not speaking to Mex.
You don’t call me bloody stupid and get away with it.
Even if I am.

Back to the eyes.
The specialist has given me a chart.
I am supposed to look at it once a week.
If it goes wonky I must go back to him and they will have to look at my brain.
Not going to happen.
I only have ONE brain.
They are not going to fiddle with it.

Love you all.



  1. Congratulations on avoiding the need for guide dog – Jasmine would have had her nose put out of joint.

    I get called worse things than bloody stupid.

  2. Whoops! Careful patrecia what you say…you could be excommunicated… Did I not say to you that you should not worry until you know what it is that you are worrying about? Well if not , then I should have done..
    I am pleased that wonky eyes have not gone too wonky but a bit concerned that Mr Brain might be the cause…did yoiu not explain to Doc that they state of your weird brain has always been like that….
    Loved Jasmine’s antics, maybe its a new way of treating your friends and as for the box,,its always better to err on the side of caution.
    Love to you all (including Mex who has been sent to the world of silence)

  3. Great news about your eyesight! And I don’t blame you about the brain thing…which probably isn’t an issue anyway. I’ve heard so many people talk about issues like yours after cataract surgery, and lots of them straighten out on their own over time. And just between us…I think calling a smart, strong woman (especially one with a blog) bloody stupid IS bloody stupid… 😉

  4. I agree with raisingdaisy – to call a writer of a blog bloody stupid is just bloody stupid. Tell Mex that none of us are speaking to him.

  5. Glad to hear your good news. Poor Jasmine . . . and Mex. Sounds like he’s in the dog house!

  6. Glad you are ok! it has been bloody chaotic in my life this year – we must catch up soon – Men! they never learn…apologies and admission of his gross error of judgment are are in order. I leave on Sunday for the UK so will ring you before then. Do you have your land line yet? love & hugs xxx your tardy DIL xxx

  7. Good news about your eyes, Granny ~ hopefully your sight will now remain stable and your brain un~fiddled~with. Must be silly season for dogs ~ Indie has become very skittish, pouncing on leaves and abandoned plastic bags blowing in the wind. Which is funny until we’re crossing a busy road. And it’s always silly season for husbands ~ when will they ever learn, eh? 🙂

  8. Ha! enjoyed your work reading made me smile, My dog is pretty road savy and now for a city dog living in the country loves the smell of rabbits, get the scent of a rabbit and there is no stopping her. Not bad for a 17 yr old dog.

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