Posted by: granny1947 | March 17, 2015

Granny is fed up


Hello All.

To say I am fed-up is putting it mildly.
The above picture was taken AFTER they had “fixed” it.
Mex is more than fed-up.
He spends most of the evening looking up.
And muttering.
He has taped newspaper over a lot of the furniture four times.
Personally, I would have just left the paper until they had finished.
But I don’t question Mex.
I have no idea what they are going to do next.
I don’t think the builders do either!!!

In other news I have an appointment to see the eye specialist on the 31st.
Please send positive vibes.
My regular followers will remember I had cataract ops done before we left Cape Town.
Now the one eye seems to have gone wonky.
This does not sound good and I am a bit concerned.
I only have two eyes.
Like the rest of you guys.
And I am quite attached to both of them.

Things are looking hopeful as far as my phone is concerned.
I have had a phone call and a couple of e-mails from the service provider.
They kept saying we lived in a drive with the same name as our complex,
I kept saying no.
Today, they sent me a map.
And I discovered the streets in the complex have names.
Who knew?
Anyway, it turns out that we DO live in a street with the same name as the complex.
A pity the developers didn’t tell us the streets had names.
Or, just put up street signs.
Anyway, now I know.

And now let me go and make supper.
If it is a flop I can always blame my eyes.
There is an upside to everything.



  1. Nothing to worry about with the eye. I had the same thing after my cataract op. It is just some cloudiness which they remove with a laser. Just a painless little procedure from which one walks away looking much better.

    • Thanks for that RIP…it is not cloudy…my vision is worse in that eye.

  2. Oh Kathy sweetheart, you are having a very rough time just lately…what with the ceiling going wonky, your eyes going wonky , and the address being wonky… Can’t you sue the bulders?
    Your eyes will get put right in time…what symptoms did you have that all was not right…you’re making me wonder about mine.
    When I worked for Her Majesty in Uk I had to send a letter to someone whose surname was the same as the street name and the same as the place name….never seen that before or since
    So it was”’ Mr Smith. * Smith Street, Smith in Lancshire weird !…..

    • If I close my right eye the vision is lousy…left eye doing all the work.

  3. Have you paid those so-called builders? What it needs is tearing down, new plasterboard, joints taped and the whole skimmed.

    Sorry about your poorly eyes. I hope your appointment does the trick. When we moved the phone people sent our service to someone else in a non-existent address. I was in hospital at the time with fractured vertebrae, and we didn’t get phone and internet for three weeks! We didn’t have a mobile either.

    • Yes, Viv, unfortunately Mex paid cash. Dread the thought of them tearing the whole lot down…the ceiling is filled with stuff to keep the temp right.

  4. Sending you positive vibes, prayers, and Havachon hugs (those ALWAYS work!) for your eyes. Please let us know what the doc says after your appointment on the 31st. Maybe there’s something the builders did wrong in the ceiling structure underneath that’s making it go wonky? I hate dealing with things like that.

    • Don’t worry RD…you will be the first to know all about it!

  5. Hope your vision is restored in short order, Granny.

    • Thanks NR…just very irritating at the moment.

  6. I agree with Nancy – nothing like have two good eyes. Take Care Granny

    • I agree Judith…I like both of them!!!

  7. Positive vibes sent your way for a good result with your eye specialist.

    • Thanks Barb…am not too worried…sure it is nothing too serious.

  8. Oh Shame I hope nothing serious with your eyes. Sending lots of positive vibes. I agree with you, to lose your sight must be the worst and to have the added stress of builders – not nice at all.

    • Thanks Dianne….let’s not talk about the builders!

  9. hello love, sorry you are going through a tough patch. Do you still have retention on the building. Ummm maybe a bit late for that. All the best with the eye op, sending you lots of hugs from

    • Thank you love…am sure all will be ok.

  10. Positive eye vibes are on their way.

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